58.com, an amazing website

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No one thought that looking for a job might cost him his life.Recently, the Cambodian blood slave incident has brought 58.com back into the spotlight.A guy in his 30s who was just looking for a security job with a better salary was drugged and dragged to Cambodia by bad guys.When you get to Cambodia, there’s a 24-hour guard, and you have to follow their orders to be a scammer, and if you resist, you get hit, and you get electric shocks.If your blood type happens to be scarce, they will draw your blood once a month and drain you.Who would have thought, this is the 21st century, there is such a cruel liar, it is a crime.Should we also hold 58.com accountable when we condemn crooks for being cruel?As 58.com is a platform, it is necessary to provide users with real job hunting information.Shouldn’t 58.Com show up now that users have dead-end jobs at 58.com?Mention 58 tongcheng, can only be said to mourn its misfortune, anger its not to contend.I personally learned about 58.com in 2012 when I was still in college and wanted to rent an apartment. A good friend told me that I could find an apartment on 58.com. I did find an apartment through 58.Com.In 2014, when I graduated from college and went to Shanghai, I found the landlord through 58.com and found a good house without paying the agency fee and the price was not expensive.In 2016, 58.com became stale. I wanted to rent an apartment in Changzhou, but I couldn’t find anyone who answered my phone when I called. On that day, I collapsed and put 58.Com on the blacklist.Unexpectedly, my personal story turned out to be a good one, because I haven’t been defrauded at 58.com, whereas other people have been defrauded for all sorts of different reasons.A netizen said he was cheated out of 500 yuan when he tried to buy a cat online.There are netizens looking for a job, looking for more than a dozen jobs, the other party is to let the interview personnel to the designated physical examination organization physical examination, was cheated 3 not a lot of physical examination fees.Some netizens need to buy work clothes first to find a job, spending 800 yuan, and finally failed the probation period.There are also some netizens looking for someone to unplug the sewer system on 58.com. To their surprise, seven or eight people came to the phone and asked for 3,000 yuan. They were too scared to refuse to pay, and the key was that they did not dare to report the case, because they knew his home address and could only suffer dumb loss.Through the various experiences of netizens, I have to say that 58.com is really a magical website!As a final note, if you’re looking for a job that requires you to pay up front, no matter what the company is, leave immediately.In addition, if the salary is too high, more than the industry average, and the company is located in the third and fourth tier small cities, must be careful not to interview.If your friend is looking for a job, be sure to share it with him.Well, that’s it for today. I’m Feng Jie, and we’ll see you next time!