Angela Chang: After being ruined by her parents, she is now an island owner

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Angela chang’s biggest humiliation in life was not being able to eat enough food for 650 yuan a day.Su Mang asked to kneel in public.In September 2017, Angela chang had a big event. One of them was that he was invited to take part in bazaar charity Night, standing in position C, and he was standing next to popular singers like Li Yuchun, or carina Lau international zhang Liang.On the contrary, Angela chang himself, in the eyes of the initiator Su Mang, he is just a small singer in the past, so the scene of anger and injustice appeared to die, directly in front of more than 100 stars even shouted Shanghai twice.You squat down, I don’t know what Angela Chang thought when she heard this.But if the red ribbon in his hand could talk, it would definitely reply to a pile of Su Mang 1000 sentences.After all, red ribbons are handed out only to those who donate at the charity night.It is understood that Angela Chang alone donated 700,000 yuan.As for those with bare arms, I don’t have to tell you what they’re here for.But why does Su Mang think Angela chang is unworthy to stand in the C position?Apart from Angela’s own mother, I can’t think of a second answer.Back in March 2008, Angela Chang, at the height of her career, had a heart attack and needed to go abroad for treatment.With her daughter teetering between life and death, what do Angela’s mother do?She took advantage of her daughter not to notice, with all her bankbooks disappeared, perhaps because of a unique way of caring people, or perhaps because she was afraid of being forgotten by her daughter.Before leaving, Zhang ma also forgot to run to the magazine to publicly denigrate the rules of women, keep a ke medicine hat, dead buckle zhang Shaohan’s head.Angela had no choice but to bravely clarify in front of the media, he first urine test struggle, then publicly said that all his property is under the management of his mother.She, it seems, is more willing to believe that the better looking a woman is, the more likely she is to cheat than her camera persona.So Angela chang played myopia overnight, a huge amount of compensation also pressure him out of breath.But little do they know, Angela chang experienced all this, a person silently see in the eye.If boudoir Range 7 is Angela Chang’s biggest beneficiary during the war with her real mother.So his other half Pan Wilber is absolutely the biggest victim.In 2006, the news that you were together with Wilber pan and Angela Chang broke the Internet. The two were photographed together in New York to watch the NBA.More interestingly, when Angela chang and Jay Chou attended an event in 2007, they were asked to draw during the day.Angela chang painted a diamond. I didn’t know if Angela chang wanted to get married again.I responded to the side of the frank Zhou Dong directly back to a, wait to ask Pan Weibai.This is an indirect admission of their relationship.In 2009, Angela Chang and Andrew Poon attended a charity auction together, and used the same number of bidding cards to give everyone a popular science.Using the same number means that if an item is auctioned off, it will be bought by two people with the same number.What they want to say is self-evident, but why did they break up?Half said fan and her husband, Chen Jianzhou, who is black, were in the way.And half said it was because of two years of family conflict.For the former claim of proof, mainly because pan Weibai and Fan Weiqi couple relationship is very good.And in 2008, Fan Weiqi took away Angela Chang’s endorsement, and publicly scolded each other is not a person, Pan Weibo did not come forward to maintain, do not say, but continue to get along with.In 2011, he revealed on weibo that he had broken up with a girl because of his mother’s feelings.On the other hand, Angela Chang, with such a bottomless vampire mother on God, may even remember three points.However, after being abandoned by her parents, estranged by her best friend and her lover, Angela finally ushered in her own spring.After leaving her vampire mother, Angela Chang, how much class does her life offer?In August 2016, when the news that Angela Chang had buried the Pacific island was in a hot mood, he posted a blog post inviting his friend Wu Qingfeng and Xu Zhuyun to visit his home, along with eight drawings of his holiday at home.It is not hard to see from the picture that Angela chang not only built a luxury villa on the island, but also built a huge swimming pool, beach, coconut lounger and vacation glycerine in the backyard. The owner of Changdao has everything here, which makes Angela buy small missiles more than her friends.Xu Ruming replied, congratulations, congratulations to you.Time, others went to Sanya to install a lot of homes for their own island, in addition to everyone’s joke on the Lord of Long Island, even everyone sighed, in the purchase of this matter, Angela chang is how to do the pre-emptive.As a matter of fact, when Lu Yu interviewed Angela Chang, she asked if you have assets everywhere.Surprisingly, Angela chang replied modestly, “There is no place, just a place I like to stay.”For example, emerging countries that have just started to make their own choices, such as Myanmar and Vietnam.In addition, Chang responded that a woman must have a support.And if Angela chang owns the island independently is a luxury, she buys a mansion for her younger siblings, it is absolutely a kind of generosity.According to media reports, Angela chang invested NT $150 million to buy a qianping mansion in Shanghai in 2015, and bought a house in Canada for her younger siblings.Of course, many people wonder where Angela chang came from.In fact, as early as 2019, a chart was compiled by a careful netizen, showing that celebrities such as Wang Lee-hom and Jay Chou earned 700 million yuan from more than 20 Tours and commercial performances alone.Angela Chang, on the other hand, has had 40 to 50 shows and Tours in one year since he came back to life.In addition, Angela Chang’s commercial performance in Yichang in 2020 caused a chorus of ten thousand people.There is a walking CD called him, is undoubtedly their cash cow, is I do not know when Angela Chang nearly 40 years of marriage news?