Do Chinese men deserve to earn this much?If all were like Guangzhou, there would be no children playing football

2022-05-02 0 By

Guangzhou club’s huge salary cut aroused thousands of waves. Although the players all complained bitterly, there were a large number of fans cheering for them.In the opinion of many fans, Chinese men’s football is so poor that men’s football players do not deserve high salaries.Matching or not is one thing, how the market chooses, is another.Ten years ago, the national football team was not much better than now, and the Chinese Super League was almost half a dozen of the same. But Evergrande suddenly invested a huge amount of money, offering an annual salary of 5 million yuan to bring in domestic players of the level of national players, thus ushering in the golden era of Chinese football.Investors are willing to pay big money, but can a player refuse?Now, guangzhou club substantially reduced salary, if the players can not accept, you can go.If the entire Chinese Super League followed suit, the players’ life would be very difficult, but there is no way.Guangzhou club can always walk in front of the policy, occupy the commanding heights, this point, refuse to accept.But, just as many people criticize them for raising players’ income so much, is this lowering law really adapted to the situation?From the guangzhou club itself, because of financial difficulties, it is forced to do so, it should be understood.Evergrande runs the club and has the right to choose its own path.However, standing in the super league and even Chinese football’s point of view, the destructive power of doing so is also very big, not as low as the opening of the Golden yuan football model.The salary level of the first team of the Chinese Super League (CSL) determines the expectations of young players for their future career plans.In reality, youth training has a certain lag. Now we can recall that in the past 30 years of professionalism, which age group of players are more prominent?It is 1981 age group and 1985 age group, 1981 age group National youth team was praised as the super platinum generation, 1985 age group National youth team had a good performance in the World Youth Championship.In what environment did those children grow up?When they were young, it was the time when Chinese football became professional and professional players made a lot of money.Many of them have parents who even quit their jobs to raise their children to play football.Later, the football world was full of fake gambling, the clubs were badly underpaid, the players were poorly paid, and the reputation was poor. Therefore, the children stopped playing football, and the national teams at all levels were completely defeated.For children, playing football is a matter of interest, for parents, let their children receive professional training, is to consider the future development.So if professional players earn less than white-collar workers, few parents will let their children play football in the future.The players, after all, are fed by youth, and it is logical to earn far more than the average wage earner, otherwise they would leave in droves.Some fans say it’s better to let the people who really love football stand out, but is that the case?Kick a wild ball, do not accept professional training, can kick out?Even if I could, in the city, find a place to play football, free of charge?Parents do not support, can the child find a place to play football?Can you squeeze out time to play football?Therefore, from its own perspective, Guangzhou Club has no problem in choosing this move. If it sets an example for other CSL clubs and drives other clubs, it may do more harm than good for Chinese football.