Folk tale: A beautiful woman who had been missing for three years returned home with two tigers, leaving her husband pale in fear

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The story takes place during the Reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. A beautiful woman was beaten and scolded by her in-laws because she could not give birth to a child. She ran away from home in anger and disappeared.What’s going on here?In Xi ‘an, there was a scholar named Huang Shuwang, who was well-read and talented. With great ambition, he passed the third-grade Jinshi examination at a young age and had a promising future.To people’s surprise, not long after Huang Shuwang passed the jinshi examination, he resigned and returned to his hometown to become a teacher. At first, people did not understand, until Huang shuwang and Jiang Caiping became married.Jiang Caiping is the only daughter of the local richest man, who is not only beautiful, but also proficient in piano, chess, painting and calligraphy. She is the dream lover of countless men. Who knows that she was won by Huang Shuwang.What they do not know is that Huang shuwang resigned because he despised his superiors and thus completely offended them.It wasn’t long before Huang’s boss sent someone to Hangzhou, which not only cost Him his job as a teacher, but also left his father-in-law with nothing.In desperation, Huang Shuwang had to take his parents and Jiang Caiping came to the mountains, live a life of idle clouds and wild cranes, this is two years, the family calm days lasted not long, they ushered in a new problem.Huang Shuwang and Jiang Caiping married, two people love very much, even to the mountains, strange is that two people have no children, it directly led to the discord between Jiang Caiping and in-laws.Finally one day, Huang Shuwang’s parents could not help but say jiang Caiping a few words, Jiang Caiping argued and argued, but was smoked two big mouth, in a fit of anger away from home.Huang Shuwang returned home, found no trace of his wife, he immediately went out to look for, the results can not find people, he launched around the villagers together, or nothing, he finally understand that his wife is missing.In the next three years, Huang Shuwang will go to Jiang Caiping when he is free, but every time he gets disappointed. His parents can’t stand the blow of losing their daughter-in-law, driving crane to the west, leaving Huang Shuwang alone in struggle.One day, Huang shuwang completely tired, he sat in the courtyard staring at the sky in a daze, where do not want to go, at this time, the courtyard door was opened, Jiang Caiping’s beautiful face greeted his eyes.Huang Shuwang was ecstatic and hurried to meet jiang Caiping, only to find something behind her. At this time, two tigers came to Jiang Caiping and sat down beside him. Huang shuwang was instantly pale with fear.Jiang Caiping saw Huang Shuwang this appearance, burst out laughing, she asked Huang Shuwang to wait a moment, and then from the kitchen to find two pieces of meat for two tigers, and then pulled Huang Shuwang to the side to sit down, and Huang Shuwang explain the reason.That day she was beaten and scolded by her in-laws, she angrily ran away from home and came to the mountains. She thought Huang Shuwang would come to her soon, but she did not know that, so she gave birth to death and decided to jump off the cliff to end her life.At this moment, she suddenly felt her clothes being pulled from behind, turned her head and found that it was a colorful tiger. Her eyes rolled and she fainted, and when she woke up, she found herself in a cave.There is a beautiful woman in yellow clothes to see her wake up, immediately knelt down in front of her to keep thanking, Jiang Caiping immediately after the god will help the woman up, and asked the woman why to kneel her.The woman said that she was a tiger demon in the mountains, three years ago, her husband to protect her was killed by a demon road, and she also suffered a heavy death, two tigers in the belly is also about to die.Just at this moment, huang Shuwang family moved to the mountain, she found that huang Shuwang’s scholarly body can temporarily suppress his injury, with respect to the scholarly absorption of Huang Shuwang, finally temporarily suppressed the injury into sleep.After she woke up, huang Shuwang and his wife because of the lack of bookish and can not give birth to children, and lead to Jiang Caiping run away from home, hurriedly came, just stop jiang Caiping.Jiang Caiping suddenly realized, she understood that she had not had children, the woman said, although she woke up, but there was no way to cure the injury, had to entrust the two children to Jiang Caiping, this is why she did not kowtow.See Jiang Caiping plan to refuse, the woman said, the two tigers grow up, will absolutely become the biggest help to Huang Shuwang, is also her compensation to Huang Shuwang and his wife, Jiang Caiping this agreed, in the mountain to take care of the two tigers for three years, until they have the strength to take them down the mountain.Huang Shuwang suddenly realized, he asked his wife, the two tigers will be of any help to themselves, Jiang Caiping spit out the battlefield two words.Huang Shuwang instantly understand, and then into the army, not long with two tigers made numerous achievements, became a famous general, back home and Jiang Caiping gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix, lived a very happy life.