Folktale: The old man knocked at the door in the middle of the night and asked for shoes

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During the Ming Dynasty, there was a bricklayer named Tian Feihu in Yangzhou. He was industrious and capable and worked hard. In order to earn more money, he often went to other places to work.That summer, Tian Feihu to find work should tianfu, that day he was busy on the road, when it was dark had not found a place to stay, Tian Feihu had no way, had to go to a family to stay, did not think he was in that family encountered a strange thing.Tian Feihu stay that family is a family of four, the head of the household is called step jing yun peasant, he and his wife Xu is kind, two people have a pair of children under the knee.When Tian Feihu came to stay, step jingyun couple politely tian Feihu please come to the house, prepared a rich dinner for him, will also clean the west wing let him live.That night, Tian Feihu lived in the home of step jingyun, did not expect the time of the middle of the night, Tian Feihu suddenly heard a hasty knock on the door, Tian Feihu is not the head of the household, he did not worry to open the door, but he waited for a while, step Jingyun husband and wife like did not hear the knock, and no one to open the door.Knocking sound for a long time still did not stop, step jingyun husband and wife did not go to open the door, Tian Feihu had no way, had to run to open the door, did not think he opened the door, but was scared by the scene in front of him.Tian Feihu opened the door, by the bright moonlight, he found standing outside a bony white hair old man.The old man’s face was pale, he saw tian Feihu, he put out his hand to Tian Feihu, only to hear his voice hoarse said: “give me shoes, give me a pair of shoes!”Tian Feihu does not know this old man, he thought this old man is step jing cloud husband and wife what person, so he asked the old man: “I am not the head of the household, I just come to stay, you are step jing cloud what person?”The old man did not answer Tian Feihu’s question, but looked at Tian Feihu and continued: “Give me a pair of shoes, give me shoes quickly!”Tian Feihu listened to the old man’s tone more and more rapid, the face is more and more ugly, inexplicable in the heart of some fear, he pushed the old man, directly closed the door.Tian Feihu closed the door and went back to the room to rest. Strange to say, after the door was closed, the knock on the door never rang.After dawn, Tian Feihu to step jing cloud husband and wife said there was a strange old man knocked on the door last night, and asked him to shoes, step jing cloud husband and wife listened to tian Feihu feel very puzzled, both husband and wife said yesterday night and did not hear the knock.Tian Feihu smell speech will step that the old man want shoes detailed tell the jingyun, unexpectedly step jingyun Tian Feihu words but face big change, after he told Tian Feihu solemnly: “when I was a little boy, I listen to the old man in the village said, on our side, shoes represent you will encounter a big disaster, the old man ask you for shoes, is want to resolution for you!”Step jingyun also told Tian Feihu another thing, he said before there was a carpenter in the middle of the night met an old man to his shoes, he did not give, but also drove away the old man, did not expect the next day carpenters to help the house beam, but fell from the top fell dead.It is said that the carpenter helped others to beam the house more than once. No one thought that he would fall off the house. It must have something to do with the shoes.Step jingyun finish this matter, then look serious to Tian Feihu said: “I think you still don’t go out today, and stay in my house for one night, I go to ask the village old man, see if there is any way to solve your disaster.”Tian Feihu does not believe these, he packed up things and want to leave, but step jingyun husband and wife tried to retain, then step jingyun went outside to ask about a circle, finally heard the way to deal with this matter.At noon, step jing cloud let Tian Feihu take off his shoes in the sun, then he let Tian Feihu blowing three tone toward the shoes, Tian Feihu in order to let step jing cloud husband and wife at ease, had to blow three tone to the shoes, did not expect tian Feihu really so dodged a bullet.Tian Feihu left the next day, when he passed a mountain road, he found that the officers and men caught a group of robbers, according to the officers and men said, yesterday the people who took this mountain road were killed by the bandits.Tian Feihu heard this thing scared white face, fortunately, yesterday step jingyun husband and wife left him a day, otherwise he also lives.After this matter, tian Feihu no matter what things are very careful, and he did not encounter strange.