“If you don’t drink a toast, how can you pack it?”He got up and rushed forward……| late night chat

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The relationship between people is very delicate, sometimes, friends suddenly turn against each other.But remember, at any time, the law is the bottom line.All these years, A You has been working in a company in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and he is quite satisfied with his situation.Usually he does not have too many hobbies, contacts mostly some of his own fellow villagers, get together, eat, brag, sing songs, safe and comfortable.On May 14, 2021, it happened to be Friday. In the evening, several fellow villagers made an appointment to sing and drink at a KTV on Chunfeng Road.We are all from the same county and get together in Shenzhen thousands of miles away from home. This is a rare fate. When we get together and drink wine, we call each other brothers, very cordial and intimate.One of the villagers, an, that night and a friend also touched a few glasses of wine.Until the early morning, everyone dispersed, an feel not to enjoy, so after going out and temporary greeting one or two villagers decided to eat midnight snack.See a friend just walked out, an called him together, heard to eat midnight snack, so a friend sat on their hitch, happy to go.The place to eat the midnight snack was a small private restaurant opened by a fellow villager. In this restaurant, a friend, an and other villager used to come and get familiar with the boss.After ordering two dishes and four bottles of beer, several people began to talk about everything.No one expected that soon after, painting style suddenly changed.For An, in fact, there is a very sensitive point in his heart, that is, he felt that he “mixed badly” in recent years.A few years ago, because of his temper, in a KTV consumption in Luohu, Shenzhen, and the dispute, the person was seriously injured, served several years in prison.I don’t have a real job since I got out.According to An, this time, the chat friends laughed at him “so miserable”, which made him very angry.Two people also quarreled a few words, the restaurant owner hurriedly come to persuade, let everyone happy, drink well.At this time, came to the restaurant late night snack, there is a real estate agent, he is more familiar with an, see an with several people are also eating snack, quickly come over to give you cigarettes toasting.”This is my friend, the agent.”An introduced to his deskmate.However, for the hospitality of strangers, ah You did not take his cigarette, nor did he drink the wine.”So contemptuous of me.”An can not help anger from the heart, such as the intermediary lamenting to walk, he did not care that year is because of violent temper hit people seriously injured and crime, this violent temper again, “what do you mean?You don’t drink toasts. Why are you pretending?How humiliating!”He got up quickly and knocked him to the ground, kicking him and kicking him.After stopping, everyone left in bad humour.A friend sat at the scene again and called a friend to come over and take himself to the hospital.In the hospital a friend called the police, the police arrived soon, asked the general situation.A friend after treatment, and went to the police station to report the specific situation.After the identification, a friend of the injury has been minor injury two.In this way, an is suspected of intentional injury.And after the incident, an that understand and trouble, quickly fled to the field to hide.In September 2021, an, who had been pursued online, was captured in Foshan and transferred to Shenzhen.Prosecutors in Luohu District of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, filed a lawsuit against a on suspicion of intentional injury.An chose to plead guilty, an’s family also compensated a friend of RMB 15,000 yuan, a friend of understanding.Recently, the court has made a first-instance judgment, the adoption of the procuratorial organ did determine sentencing recommendations, sentenced to nine months in prison.The ruling is now in effect.For an, high wall power grid, let him once again for his temper, impulse to beat people, paid a heavy price.In fact, it is not easy to be in Shenzhen, and it is really a kind of fate to encounter local feelings.However, friends who share the same interests are friends. There must be mutual respect between friends.Everyone is self-reliant and independent. If you feel that someone is not suitable or worthy to be friends with you, you can completely stop being friends, even if you become strangers and treat them as if you have never met them.However, remember: anyone, at any time, must be in awe of the law, law-abiding is the bottom line, otherwise, after the law is punished, it is too late to regret!Source: Wechat official account of Shenzhen Luohu District People’s Procuratorate