My husband loves my 5-year-old son as his lifeblood, while I suffer in fear and fear every day

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My husband, Xu Ke, and I were introduced by a matchmaker.At that time, he and I were both working outside. When we returned home for the Spring Festival, we had a quick meeting arranged by our family and then exchanged telephone numbers.I didn’t have a plan for my relationship, my marriage, my future.I was the youngest of three sisters, and my mother always said I was stupid because I didn’t worry about anything.The second was the strongest of the three. She was proficient in both farm work and bannerwork and had a good sense. She always had the final say in our family affairs.Even Tsui Hark, it was she who took care of the customs for me before she let me come back to meet her.My parents and two older sisters are very satisfied with Tsui. He can learn some skills and join a construction team. The boss let him be a small foreman, and his salary is ok.He is about the same height as me. He doesn’t talk much. His only advantage is that he is skilled and his salary is not low.In the countryside, such boys are in demand.My mother said that men are handsome, and their mouth will say, “It’s easy for you to attract peach blossoms. How good a man like Tsui Hark is, who can make money and keep his place.”After the New Year, Tsui and I went our separate ways and continued to go out to work.I was in Guangdong and he was in Hebei, so the telephone became our way of contact.So rely on the phone porridge, our feelings gradually warming up, the next year when the Spring Festival back, two adults held a wedding for us.After marriage, I followed him to Hebei.At the beginning, I was restless, found a small job on the site, to others dozen handyman.But the work on the construction site was dirty and tiring. Where did women do it?Every day when I get home, I don’t have time to change into clean clothes, so I wash my hands and get ready to cook for Tsui Hark. My standard dish for him is two dishes and one soup.Married than before, have to know love their man, he has a good body is your blessing.That’s what my mother told me before we got married.So even though I was exhausted on the construction site every day, I still tried my best to cook food for him at home, such as washing clothes and cooking, serving tea and pouring water.Tsui hark always said that he was tired. Every time he got home, he would nest on the sofa and wait for me to serve food and drink. Even when he slept at night, I washed his feet.A daughter was born the following year.And I was even more tired when I had to wait on the children besides him.Both Tsui and his mother don’t like their daughter. I knew they preferred boys over girls in that place, but I didn’t expect it would be so serious.Except for taking care of me during the month, his mother left me and the baby after the month.He did not look at his own daughter.I gave birth to a daughter that no one likes and no one loves, so I, as a mother, have to love her.Having a daughter adds another expense.I don’t want to spend money recklessly, so I cook less food every time I cook, try to give Tsui To eat first, and then I eat the rest of his food.Every time Tsui Hark got home, he still didn’t help the oil bottle down.He always said I was the black sheep of his family, that I had spent all his earnings.On such days, I became pregnant again, and the morning sickness was severe.Instead of being lazy and tired, Tsui took the initiative to do all the housework when he got home from work.I knew he was diligent for the sake of his unborn child.He is the eldest son in the family, hoping that the first child is a son, the birth of his daughter let his hope disappointed, this time naturally put all hope on the second child.Five months into the pregnancy, we went to determine the sex of the fetus, the test was a girl.On the way back that day, Tsui didn’t say a word, and I followed him nervously.I also want to give birth to a son, but this gives birth to a boy girl matter, also not I can do Lord ah?Three days later Tsui told me to abort the baby.Of course I refused. I begged him in tears.What kind of parent would want to abort their child?I even dreamed about what she looked like.Seeing my refusal, Tsui returned to his former appearance, and occasionally dropped things. He made a mess in the rental house.I couldn’t stand it at home. I had to go to the hospital to induce labor.The day I came back, I cried alone for a long time.What kind of mother am I to have killed my own child like this, unable to protect her?For a long time AFTERWARDS, I was in a state of intense remorse and regret.And there was almost no communication between tsui and me. I hated him when he spoke, and I hated him for killing my daughter.But he blamed me for not being able to give birth to a son, no miss life also pretend what hypocritical!When I was depressed and lonely, I became addicted to listening to the radio.Zhu Qiang appeared at this time.There is a talk show on the radio that I listen to every night at 10 o ‘clock.One day, a man named Zhu Qiang called to tell about his unhappy marriage.Perhaps it is lonely, perhaps it is the same disease, ghostly, I silently noted down the phone number.After Tsui left for work the next day, I called the number.I am in a foreign country, husband does not love, mother-in-law does not like, relatives and friends are not in my heart grievance nowhere to tell.And the voice from the receiver makes me very warm, very kind, so the bamboo tube poured beans like, all my experience out.Zhu Qiang comforted me and enlightened me on the phone all the time, and also poured out his troubles to me.His wife was three years older than he was. They met on a blind date and had three children, two girls and a boy.Almost all of his earnings go to his wife.His wife had a boyfriend before him, and they were very close. Later, her boyfriend was sentenced to 10 years in prison. She married Zhu Qiang, but she never forgot her ex-boyfriend.Zhu found out recently that she still had photos of her ex-boyfriend.Zhu Qiang’s pain I understand, when you pour out all your heart to a person can not return, the heart of the loss and sadness, only the same experienced talent empathy.The conversation got better and better, and the phone went on for three hours until the battery died.Later, as soon as Tsui was out of the house, I found an opportunity to call Zhu Qiang, and the two people, disappointed in each other’s marriage, warmed up on the phone.Although we had never met, we felt we had known each other for years on the phone.And I never felt the way I felt about Zhu Qiang in Tsui Hark.I don’t know if it’s love, I’m eager but afraid.We both knew it wasn’t right, that an affair was shady, that it was something to be poked in the back.But then, uncontrollably, we approached each other.Three months later, when the yearning was so overwhelming that we could not restrain ourselves, we finally met regardless of the bottom line of morality.Zhu Qiang is about the same height as me, with a common face. To tell the truth, he is not as good-looking as Tsui Hark.But he could please, and he called me by name so affectionately that I recognized his enthusiasm even when I was slow to respond.Years of marriage with Tsui Hark, he never called me so affectionately.I had dinner with him, watched movies with him, talked with him, he bought me popcorn, bought sugar gourd, spoiled me like a child.Except we didn’t have sex, we did everything we were supposed to do in a relationship.I said no. I can’t live with my conscience, so I guess I have some moral limits.As a matter of fact, I know that we both have families, and we have met without knowing each other.I comfort myself, so do a bosom friend is also very good.If it wasn’t for what happened later, I don’t think I would have done anything so crazy in my life.Tsui was in the shower that day, and there was a message on his phone.I never look at his cell phone, that was a very ambiguous text message.I went through their chat logs again, and it was full of sweet talk between him and another woman.Tsui was relieved to me that such chat records were kept openly and honestly.I don’t know how to describe my mood at that time. I didn’t quarrel or make trouble, but I felt cold and sour in my heart and felt stupid. My husband didn’t know how to say sweet words, just didn’t say them to me.If he’s like this, why should I be so good to him?So I called Zhu Qiang.I have been crying after the meeting, Zhu Qiang began to comfort, and then took me in his arms dearly.After that, we went to the hotel.Zhu Qiang is very gentle to me, gentle and patient.As if I was a treasure in his hands, he was reluctant to like, a little love for me.He gave me something tsui Hark never gave me, and it was beautiful.We agreed to divorce each other, but I did not want to give up my daughter, Zhu Qiang said, “Don’t worry, I will treat the child as my own daughter.”Zhu Qiang’s words lit a fire in my heart, and the injustice of being oppressed for a long time suddenly came out.I am determined to live for myself once.I did not dare to talk to Tsui, so I called my second sister first, but she scolded me.She says you’re out of your mind, and you believe a guy like that?If a man wants to have an affair, he always says his wife is not good. Let alone Hark and other women, as long as he doesn’t divorce you and gives you his salary, you will be satisfied.If you want a divorce, don’t go back to our house. Mom and Dad can’t afford to lose this guy.The second sister’s scolding put out the flames in my heart, which could not be easily inflammable. I squatted on the ground like a deflated ball.What should I do?Is to continue to suffer grievance or to pursue happiness?Is it being a good woman to your family?Or is it a bad reputation that your family scolds and abandons?Zhu Qiang called me at the right time. He advised me that it would be better to give it a try than to live an unhappy life like this.Although my parents do not understand, my relatives do not understand, when I am really happy in the future, they will be relieved.I’ve made up my mind to get a divorce again!Unfortunately, I decided to divorce, while secretly and Zhu Qiang, while hesitating how to say and Tsui.I can’t believe I’m pregnant again.Maybe my second sister called Tsui Hark earlier and told him I was sad and didn’t want to spend time with him.Tsui also realized how badly he had treated me, and he felt guilty.After this pregnancy, he won’t let me do anything, and he says he’ll never say anything stupid again.At this time my mother also called, to me a good hard persuasion, the original two sister told her everything.My mother told me that I had to break up with Zhu Qiang. She said that if I continued to make mistakes, I would be on the road of no return.My mother’s words made my heart shake, and Tsui Hark changed a lot, I really don’t know what to do.The day is in my left and right swing, dragging day by day.A few months later, the ULTRASOUND showed it was a boy.This time, Tsui was more and more kind to me day by day, and bought me the necklace and bracelet I had always wanted.I was intoxicated with the happy and harmonious family life. On the one hand, I wanted to divorce and be with Zhu Qiang. On the other hand, I thought that if Tsui hark had always been so kind to me, our family would also be happy.Before I gave birth, Tsui’s brother – in – law had a daughter.Therefore, after I gave birth to my son, Tsui’s family even treated me as a great hero. All kinds of care and warmth, which I never had for several years after I married him.Xu Ke hugged me and said, “My wife, I will make more money and treat you and my son well.”In ancient times, women in harem had children to determine their status, but this is also true in real life.Facing such a beautiful family, I decided to break up with Zhu Qiang.I tried to persuade him that it was very difficult for his wife to bear him three children.My husband Tsui Hark can change, as long as he treats his wife well, I believe his wife will be touched one day.Zhu Qiang pestered me several times, but I was determined and there was nothing he could do.I blocked him, deleted all his contact information.After having a son, Tsui’s laziness and macho habits changed a lot.And now that I know about my daughter, everything is moving in the right direction.Just when I thought everything was all right, I received a phone call from a strange man.He said he was a friend of Zhu Qiang, who had a car accident and was dying, but he insisted on seeing me one last time.He said the place where he was waiting for me was not far from my house, two turns away. I struggled for a minute and then ran there.So I panted to run, standing there is a strange man and a woman, where there is Zhu Qiang?That woman see I ask: “are you Li Qinqin?”I nodded, the woman approached, waved and fanned me.I instinctively used my hands to protect and tried to fight back, but the man held his hands and couldn’t move.That woman according to my face mercilessly scratched a few times, there is thick blood flow down, she cursed while kicking, grasping.Then I knew that it was Zhu Qiang’s daughter-in-law who had come to seek revenge.The two men beat and cursed me and knocked me to the ground. They warned me not to meet Zhu Qiang in the future and then left swearing like a trot of trot.When they were gone, I slowly picked myself up and wiped the blood from my mouth and forehead.When Tsui hark came home from work, he was shocked to see the bruises on my face.I coaxed him that it was to go to the market to buy vegetables and a vegetable seller quarrel, tear up.Tsui couldn’t ask which one was selling vegetables, so I said it again.He gave up and told me not to quarrel with anyone when I went out.Ashamed and ashamed, I cried to myself as I held my son in my arms.I’ve had a scar on my forehead ever since, a permanent reminder of what it took to cheat.This year, my son is eight years old. Tsui and I sometimes quarrel, but what family is not like this, the collision of POTS and pans?As long as the family is harmonious and the children are healthy, I don’t want anything more.The second sister still asks me about me sometimes, worried that I might cheat on her again.Each time, she accused me of being weak and inflexible.When it comes to weak character and no independent opinions, only I know that during the time when I was pregnant with my son, I was playing with Zhu Qiang.I don’t know if my son is Zhu Qiang’s or Tsui Hark’s.I had made up my mind to divorce and be with Zhu Qiang, but I was worried what if the baby was Tsui’s?Zhu Qiang can accept my daughter, but he can’t accept a son, especially when he has three children of his own.During that time, I was very anxious, afraid not to divorce, in case tsui Hark knew his son was not his.It was not until later, after inquiring deliberately, that I learned that Zhu Qiang and Tsui Hark both had type B blood.At that moment, I made up my mind to have a son and not divorce.So, to this day, I don’t know whose son he is.But sometimes I wonder if none of this would have happened if Tsui’s family hadn’t been so patriarchal.And my poor second daughter will not be killed by my own hands.I often have nightmares in the middle of the night, in which Tsui knew that his son was not his own and would kill us both with a knife.I sweat every time I wake up.In fact, as the child grew older in recent years, it could be seen from his appearance that zhu Qiang was mostly the father of the child.But I’m not sure.A lot of times, I’ve tried to sneak a paternity test.But I was afraid to know.Maybe it would be better for everyone to bury this episode of the past, never to know the truth.Over the years, every time Tsui hark was kind to me, MY conscience troubled me.Lest he should find out one day.But things have come to this. There is no turning back. I have to go on.Although now, our family life is getting better and better, children are smart and healthy, everything is safe and happy.But I know, THERE is a bomb on my head, I do not know when it will explode, and I, can only watch, no way.END focus on emotional story push every day