The executive judge of Qingdao Maritime Court paid nearly 3 million yuan to 41 sailors online and offline

2022-05-02 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Bao Fuyu MAO ziquan “thanks to Qingdao Maritime court, did not think this money can come back!”On the morning of February 23, Qingdao Maritime Court held a creditors’ meeting of the ship “Luwei Yujia 60888”, and the executive judge distributed nearly 3 million yuan of wages for the 41 crew members working on the ship through online and offline means.It is reported that “Luwei Yujia 60888” is a Marine fish meal processing ship with a captain of 159.2 meters, a width of 24.6 meters, a depth of 10.5 meters, a total tonnage of 16,261 tons, a net ton of 9,106 tons, and a host power of 3,530 KW.It is the world’s largest Marine fishery production and processing vessel.Due to the poor management of the original owner of the ship and inability to repay the bank loan, the mortgagee of the ship applied to the court for arrest of the ship. In December 2020, The Ship “Luwei Yujia 60888” was detained by the Qingdao Maritime Court at the wharf of Shandong Port Weihai Group Co., LTD.In addition to the mortgage dispute, the ship is also involved in a wage dispute for 41 crew members.Qingdao Maritime Court took the initiative to guide the seafarers to register their claims and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.’I never thought I’d get the money back!Mr. Ma, the crew member, told the reporter that the original company had owed them nearly 3 million yuan in wages, some of which had been in arrears for more than two years, and they did not dare to leave the ship for fear of unpaid wages.According to the actual operating situation of the company, they feel that these wages must be wasted, but they did not think of Qingdao Maritime Court is very helpful, in the shortest time, actually help them to get the money back.In order to protect the rights and interests of the seafarers, the executive judge of Qingdao Maritime Court learned of their demands when arresting the ship, and resolutely launched the online judicial sale procedure of the ship, successfully cashed-in and handed over the ship. On February 23, 2022, the creditors’ meeting was organized and the seafarer-involved payment was issued.Considering that the crew are in different places, all the wages of 41 crew members were distributed through online and offline meetings.After the meeting, the representative of the crew gave the executive judge a banner printed with the words “impartial law enforcement in accordance with the heaven and earth to solve the people’s worries and warm people’s hearts” to express his gratitude.Qingdao maritime court, head of the executive board is introduced, the operation is Qingdao maritime court to carry out the provincial court cases involving people’s livelihood focus, the important measures for the next court cases will continue to focus on the livelihood of the people, increase the intensity of execution, the key solution to solve the people “distress sorrow for the execution of the problem,” efforts to strengthen the people to perform the work and the feeling of satisfaction.