10 minutes 15 help 8 board!Chinese women’s basketball team’s new core guard was born, Zheng Wei made the right decision

2022-05-03 0 By

China’s women’s basketball team defeated France 103-70 in the third game of World Cup qualifying on February 14, Beijing time.Wang Siyu continued to start the game and got 10 points, 15 assists and 8 rebounds, which was very convincing. China women’s basketball team played a very important role in suppressing the French women’s basketball team’s conversion from offense to defense in all aspects under her needle driving.From the function of the game can see Wang Siyu is everywhere, in the first quarter, China women’s basketball team to perform the running tactics, let Li Meng you dominate the ball, and lee month Wang Siyu frequent teammate to be forgotten, just five minutes before 4 assists, while opponents once contraction defense, that she can maintain its own threat, became a French women’s basketball team can’t ignore one of the better, the second section,When The French women’s basketball team started to play strong defense, Wang Siyu could break the characteristics of the full-court press and was again used by Zheng Wei, helping The Chinese women’s basketball team to further create an advantage.In the second half, The French women’s basketball team fought back more fiercely, with the rhythm of attacking and defending and the closing down of the basket. They were on the verge of foul for many times, but Wang Sijing’s frequent scoring and Wang Siyu’s delivery helped China to create a 30-point advantage.The decisive moment in the fourth quarter was wang siyu’s ability to control the pace and hit free throws through the kill, or continue to create opportunities for Wang Sijing.This campaign is all about reaching no man’s land.For use Wang Siyu Zheng Wei make the right decisions, li-min xu in the era of the Chinese women’s basketball team, led by lee edge control, despite the attacks, the ball is effective, but in the face of closing down, or a chance to end the efficiency, it is easy to be ignored, or is the key for a ring be rivals, but Wang Siyu is comprehensive, the characteristics of opponent to chance,She can attack independently, while her teammates can also pass high-quality assists when they run out of chances. Standing at the level of Chinese women’s basketball needs, she can attack by herself and connect with her teammates. There is no doubt that she is a new core guard.Compared to the Chinese women’s basketball team and European and American teams, in fact, forward to the advantage of line, is visible to the naked eye, but the real limit women’s basketball team can’t create a medal on the world stage, the biggest gap is back, after li edge and Yang Liwei cannot bear the responsibility, from the Tokyo Olympic Games to the Asian cup final to pull hip, to some degree is a must to make a change,And Wang siyu can take on the responsibility in a timely manner, which is a very important part of the women’s basketball team.