A new asymptomatic case was reported in Shanghai yesterday

2022-05-03 0 By

On April 26, the reporter learned that Shanghai was responding to questions related to a new asymptomatic domestic case yesterday: 1. How was the asymptomatic case detected?The asymptomatic infected person is a relative (father and son relationship) of an imported asymptomatic infected person who was discovered during closed-loop health monitoring reported on February 23, and has been under closed-loop health monitoring since February 21.Those who were identified as close contacts on February 23 were put under quarantine.The routine novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test results during the isolation and control period were abnormal, and the result of the Shanghai CDC’s retest was positive.After consultation by shanghai-level experts, the patient was diagnosed as asymptomatic, based on the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging results.2. Given the joint closed-loop health monitoring, why did this asymptomatic infected person have a close contact?One close contact is the wife of the local asymptomatic infected person released today, and they are jointly implementing closed-loop health monitoring.As of 8 a.m. on February 26, nucleic acid test results of close contacts were negative, and 43 environmental samples were collected, all of which showed negative nucleic acid test results. Their residential areas have been subjected to terminal disinfection, and no other public places are involved.Source CCTV news client editor Hu Decheng process editor Liu Weili