Before traveling toll-free on national highways during the Spring Festival holiday, remember to bring “two codes and two certificates”

2022-05-03 0 By

The Ministry of Transport held a regular press conference yesterday morning to introduce transport services during the Spring Festival travel rush and the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Motorbikes with seven or fewer seats will continue to be exempted from tolls during the Spring Festival holiday, as well as those allowed to drive on ordinary toll roads, spokesman Liu Pengfei said.Specific free period of time from the first day of the holiday (January 31) 0 o ‘clock, holiday last day (February 6) 24 o ‘clock end, ordinary highway to vehicles through the toll station toll lane time shall prevail, highway to vehicles from the exit toll lane time shall prevail.It should be noted that the epidemic situation at home and abroad is affected by other factors.During this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, the public will mainly travel short and medium distances, with an estimated daily traffic of about 28 million vehicles, almost the same as last year.From the change of flow, it shows the characteristics of stable before the festival, rebound in the festival, and rebound after the festival. It is expected that the New Year’s Eve is the lowest point of flow.There are two traffic peaks around the 6th and 16th day of the first lunar month.In terms of weather conditions, the weather is generally good throughout the country during the Spring Festival this year. The temperature in most areas is basically close to the normal level, and there may be a certain range of low temperature rain and snow.To this end, we suggest that the majority of drivers do “three look” before going out.One is the “epidemic”, pay close attention to the policy change in origin and destination epidemic prevention and control, understand the requirements of epidemic prevention in advance, strictly to do their own protection, bring “two code certificate”, namely the health code, code, id card, nucleic acid testing proves that the reasonable choice travel routes, actively cooperate with quarantine inspection, to ensure a pleasant trip.Second, “see the weather”, timely understand the surrounding area of the weather, carefully check the technical condition of the vehicle, do a good job of anti-skid measures, try to avoid easy to ice sections, to ensure safe travel.Third, look at the road conditions, know the route in advance, timely road conditions and peak hours, easy congestion slow stations and other information, reasonable choice of travel route and time, to ensure smooth travel.