In Suzhou last week, 1,046 new homes were signed and 576 second-hand homes were sold

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According to Sina Leju data monitoring center, in the seventh week of 2022 (2.7-2.13), which is also the first week of the start of the Year of the Tiger, a total of 1179 new commercial housing transactions in Suzhou city, 1,082 more than the previous week (Spring Festival holiday), a month-on-month increase of about 1115%, the transaction area of 131443.03 square meters.Last week new residential and non-residential turnover last week urban commercial residential transactions of 1046 sets of average area of about 119 square meters last week (2.7-2.13), Suzhou urban commercial residential transactions of 1046 sets, an increase of 952 sets, or about 1013%;Transaction area 124302.88 square meters, set average area of about 119 square meters.Last week residential transactions in each district compared with Wuzhong district back to the top park ranked at the end of the region, last week (2.7-2.13), Wuzhong district commercial residential transactions 275 sets, transaction area of 30333.75 square meters, accounting for about 26.29%;Phase city district transaction 266 sets, transaction area of 32,638.19 square meters, accounting for about 25.43%;Wujiang District clinched 178 sets of transactions, the transaction area of 20557.95 square meters, accounting for about 17.02%.It is worth mentioning that the park with a great deal of transactions during the Spring Festival, last week only 65, ranked the last.Last week, suzhou urban non-residential transaction 133 sets, compared with the previous week increased 130 sets, up about 43.33%, the transaction area of 7140.15 square meters.Wuzhong district clinched 76 sets of transactions, Wujiang district clinched 32 sets of transactions, other areas turnover were single digits.As of February 14, 2022, a total of 142,076 commercial houses and 73,645 residential houses can be sold in Suzhou city.Suzhou city can source in the housing (as of February 14, 2022) 2 plate forensics to suzhou city last week 747 new sets of source in 2022, the year of the tiger in the housing starts the first week, in the new market the supply side, suzhou in the housing market has two buildings get open to booking a card, big environment elegance, respectively, and the four seasons garden), xiangjiang jade tianchen, housing 747 sets of new supply.Suzhou city last week forensics project is worth mentioning, the average price of The whole Xiangjiang jade tianchen 28,800 yuan/square meter!This means that another new plate has joined the new competition in the south of wuzhong City. The main apartment has a floor area of 96, 117 and 128 square meters, with a total price range of 2.65 to 3.83 million yuan/set.Last week (2.7-2.13), Suzhou urban second-hand housing transactions 576 sets of residential transactions, the transaction area of 59910.18 square meters, the average area of about 104 square meters, listed 854 sets;Second-hand housing non-residential transaction 162 sets, transaction area of 13857.56 square meters, listed 243 sets.Last week second-hand housing and non-residential transaction volume last week in each district second-hand housing transaction details and listing volume according to statistics, last week second-hand housing transaction is the largest area is the park, a week 130 sets of transactions, listing 193 sets, is also the largest area;Gusu district and Wuzhong district followed closely behind, tied for the second place, the transaction of 111 sets, wusu district listing volume is 17 sets more than Wuzhong District.The above is the suzhou property market transaction last week, more information please pay attention to Suzhou Sina Leju public number.Article source: Leju buy a house