Ma Yun appealed: global education resources to kindergarten, primary school and other basic education!What’s the reality

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Ma said in his speech that for the future of education, educational resources of countries and governments around the world should be inclined to basic education such as kindergarten, primary school, and so on. It is impossible for a country to have a future by excessively putting resources on graduate students.Ma Yun is indeed a great entrepreneur with excellent educational vision.Every country must first comply with basic education, especially compulsory education and preschool education, but our country has always attached importance to higher education above basic education, high school education attaches importance to education above junior high school and primary school education, kindergarten education is one of the most neglected groups.Schools also pay attention to the lower grades above the high school, high school often pay most attention to the senior three students, middle school often end up in the third grade students, primary school also pay most attention to the sixth grade students, in the eyes of many leaders, the graduating class is the most important, so the best teacher can be placed in the graduation class.So, what kind of bad results will such attention bring, analyze it.First of all, no amount of attention can be paid to higher education because the foundation of basic education is not solid.Primary education in kindergarten is the foundation of education, just as we build houses.When the house was built, the foundation was laid at will, and when the wall was built, it could be piled up at will. When the house was refit, it took a huge amount of manpower and financial resources to dress up very majestic and beautiful!And be told it’s beautiful!It’s amazing. I think my home is the most beautiful and wonderful.But what happens in practice?I’m afraid it’s the one I know best.Our university is how to develop these years, is how to rank in the world, in his heart is not know.Second, our kindergarten education lacks systematic management and there are too many kinds of chaos.Current preschool education basically is in a state of unmanned surveillance management, for example, by the Ministry of Education in kindergarten grade 1, can’t teach students knowledge, but private kindergarten teaching, but there is no management, department of education is to supervise the public kindergarten according to, the specific education of private kindergarten who also not interested.At the same time, the phenomenon of advanced education is not a private kindergarten, experts say why advanced education is so harmful, then, why private kindergartens are not advanced education.Early childhood education is extremely important for all children, but from the point of view of our early childhood education, chaos is not too much, such education is really what we expect?Third, there are too few public kindergartens and private kindergartens are too expensive to meet the needs of guardians.The fewest public schools are public kindergartens.In our county, there are at least 10 primary schools, which are not small in scale. However, there are only four public kindergartens, which are not large in scale. Apart from the public kindergartens for the children of government organs and institutions, almost all the children go to private kindergartens because there is no room for them.Now the cost of private kindergarten is particularly high, higher than the cost of high school, at least there is nearly 1000 yuan a month, expensive annual reach 100,000, like this fee guardian also have no way, how to do it, the child must go to school.##&&image&# Fourth, due to insufficient government investment, the current situation of pre-school education is worrying.It is reported that in 2017, the pre-education investment of our school was 7.65, and higher education accounted for 26.1. Due to limited government investment, private kindergartens for pre-school education in China accounted for 50%. In addition, preschool teachers generally have low educational background, among which 22.4 preschool teachers only have a high school diploma or below.Actually saw a lot of private kindergartens, know that high school graduates failed to go to college girls in teaching.How can we guarantee the quality of kindergarten operation without improving the strength of teachers?Fourthly, governments at all levels excessively pursue academic performance and pay less and less attention to preschool education.At present, governments at all levels attach great importance to performance projects, but what can bring performance in education? Although it is very simple, but the enrollment rate.The reason why universities are important is that they can produce many practical talents in various fields within four years.Because of the importance of high school, I have 985, 211 qualified children in the three years of high school.It’s too late to pay attention to kindergarten. It can take more than ten years to get results. We can’t wait!10 years of trees, 100 years of people, we are too eager to achieve success in education, so very hate this year’s investment will be effective next year, driven by this interest, of course, people pay more attention to university education!##&&image&The country should attach importance to higher education, but it does not mean that it cannot attach importance to preschool education.Talent training is a long process, early childhood education also think that many people think that kindergarten children learn knowledge is not much, do not need a teacher’s high degree, do not need so much attention, but, from the developed countries, many preschool teachers also require a bachelor’s degree or above, we and people compared, is not too late.Preschool education, primary education is very important for all children, with a foundation, in the higher grades, children will naturally learn.