Mercedes-benz recalled the electric drive modules of some EQC electric vehicles to extend the warranty to 250,000 kilometers for 10 years

2022-05-03 0 By

Our reporter Yin Limei Tong Haihua reported in Beijing recently, Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. according to the “defective automobile Product Recall management Regulations” and “defective Automobile Product Recall management Regulations implementation measures” requirements, to the State Administration for Market Regulation record recall plan.Starting from August 15, 2022, a total of 10,104 EQC vehicles will be recalled.Due to the supplier’s production deviation, the cooling system in the electric drive module of some EQC vehicles may have insufficient sealing, which may lead to coolant leakage.When a fault occurs, the vehicle assembly instrument will prompt the corresponding warning message.Extreme conditions may reduce the output power of the electric drive module or cause the vehicle to fail to start.When the above extreme situation occurs, the driving safety will not be affected.As a precautionary measure, Mercedes-Benz decided to check the production sequence number of the electric drive module for each vehicle covered by the recall through authorized dealers free of charge. If the production sequence number is within the affected range, the electric drive module will be replaced free of charge to eliminate the hidden danger.The Reporter of China Business News further learned from Mercedes-Benz that the electric drive modules involved in the recall are produced by the overseas factories of the relevant suppliers.Affected by a variety of uncertainties in the current overseas market, including the epidemic situation, the current reserves of the parts cannot meet the reserves for immediate recall.To this end, Mercedes-Benz is also actively coordinating parts supply with relevant parts suppliers to ensure that an efficient and high-quality recall will be fully launched on time on August 15.For the above situation, mercedes-benz positive response, formulated the additional content in addition to recall notice: the current accessories reserves can meet daily maintenance services before recall effect, mercedes-benz has the ability to guarantee the customer vehicle in the event of a failure, in a timely manner to its corresponding electric drive vehicle module replacement, to ensure passengers comfortable ride.”Before the recall is implemented, our Authorized service hotline 400-818-1188 and our authorized dealers will provide our customers with timely advice and services to ensure that they can use their vehicles safely.”Mercedes-benz said.It is reported that after the implementation of the recall measures, the electric drive modules involved will be extended from the existing warranty period of 160,000 km for 8 years (the first to come) to an additional warranty period of 250,000 km for 10 years (the first to come).At the same time, Mercedes-Benz said that the electric drive module is a core part of the car, after the replacement must be registered with the relevant local authorities.Considering the inconvenience brought to customers, we will cooperate with dealers to assist customers to complete the registration of information change based on the relevant policies of the place where the vehicle is registered.In addition, other necessary assistance will be provided as required to minimize customer inconvenience.(Edited by Zhang Shuo and proofread by Yan Jingning)