The blogger exposes the ordering code by the netizens crazy order more than 3 million!Restaurant: dishes prepared, found to be spoof net friends

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Late February 18, a blogger in Beijing hotel dinner then take order qr code share to the microblog unexpectedly by netizens crazy distance down the price of a single meal to more than 300 until the restaurant will close qr code, netizens have said in some blog main because someone give me some 68 bottles of vodka I have been to the police station deal with this….On February 19, the news that “the blogger posted his ordering code and ordered 1.23 million yuan” went viral.The list includes tomahawk steak, lobster gratin, Kyiv secret Turkey leg, valera crispy elbow, Yalta rice, Ukrainian red cabbage soup, and vodka for the tsar’s handmade wedding banquet.Among them, 1,000 tiramisu cakes, priced at 238 yuan, were ordered, while 68 bottles of vodka for the tsar’s handmade wedding banquet, priced at 18,000 yuan, were ordered.Moreover, the price of the meal has been rising visibly.As of 23:30 on The 18th, the order page showed that more than 3 million yuan had been placed.The blogger said the order code was sent out to make fun of the seat number.”The table number for dinner tonight is too stupid,” he said on His microblog on February 18.In addition to the table number with multiple 2’s, the photo also shows the restaurant’s name and an uncoded QR code.”Who ordered 68 bottles of vodka for me? Now THE restaurant won’t let me leave and I have already arrived at the police station,” the blogger said in a series of posts.”I say how dish after dish, I can’t finish.”To this, the restaurant responded that there is such a thing, at that time the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code has been closed, but users are still ordering, but can not order.On the night of February 18, according to the staff of the restaurant involved, there were indeed a lot of netizens ordering food for the table at that time. The backstage of the restaurant showed that more than 3 million yuan had been ordered, and some dishes had been prepared, but it was found to be a spoof by netizens and the dishes were not served.In the end, the blogger only paid for what she actually spent.On the morning of 19th, the QR code of the order has shown that you need to scan the code to order the food in the restaurant.’It’s not about who sits in the seat and pays,’ says a Shanghai-based lawyer. ‘It’s about who orders and pays.’Mistake is to put the qr code “blogger posted online, objectively provides a similar trick people with an opportunity, if you shall be investigated for responsibility should be the person who place the order, on the law of contract, and order is an act of the contracting contract, should bear the payment obligation, so remote scan code is not a prank, but there are legal risks.”February 19, the reporter on the matter of micro blog private message to the blogger, but as of press time, did not get a reply.Source: Shandong Business Daily · Speed Leopard news editor: Cui Taoran