120-square-meter simple three-bedroom, circular pendant lamp stretching space length is more stylish and aesthetic

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A 120 square meters of three-bedroom new house, when the decoration of the acquaintance to find the decoration company to construction, now the decoration is good, a total of 140,000 yuan, the overall feeling is good, the home should have some function room, we come to see the decoration effect.The living room is the core area of home design, is the area of our long-term activities, but also the main area when guests visit.The stand or fall that the sitting room designs has very big effect to the appearance level of household whole.Second floor corridor with/recreational chair, the same color for space themes/circle droplight stretch space length/more concurrently fashion aesthetic two frameless Windows/using the pervious to light the frosted glass, introducing natural light/indoor, Windows/metal geometry line echo marble fireplace/let low-key luxurious texture is concise and practical,Symmetrical/oval mirrors visually stretch the space, very nice and easy to clean the living room, warm/bean paste color carpet on the wood floor, with the wall/abstract hanging pictures and INS style lounge chair/form a response, but also as a key color/connect the various Spaces of the bedroom how to decorate?A lot of time the bedroom is the place that sleeps more than, it assumes the job at the same time even, store content, eat the function such as drink, think you should be wasted in the bedroom everyday big time, the bedroom that makes a person feels comfortable is particularly important.The bedroom decorates must accord with his way of life, should consider in advance when designing a plan to arrive, avoid later period to appear to decorate regret.The bedroom with modern feeling/contracted, neat lines do spread, a large number of gray tone as the basis/by elegant bean paste color ornament bathroom is it necessary to dry wet partition?In fact, when wei yu is decorated, it is best to consider the separation of dry and wet, long-term moisture will cause great damage to the furniture such as bathroom cabinet, so it is necessary to do a good job of dry and wet separation.The simplest way is to use a shower curtain, which is cheap and easy to install, but at the same time needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.The bathroom space is made of/marble as the main material of wall and floor, combined with solid wood, brass and other elements to create/a warm and senior atmosphere. Lighting and table are the key points in the decoration of the restaurant. First of all, we should look at your family’s eating habits, whether it is more Chinese or more Western.The lamplight of Chinese style wants saturation but do not dazzling, western-style lamplight wants gentleness but do not want bright, the choice of mentable also can affect our appetite, so we should undertake choosing according to the be fond of family.The wooden long dining table is matched with pure black hollow screen, and the light-colored rattan dining chair echoes the transparent lines in the space to enhance the light atmosphere of the kitchen space and the strong style of lamps and lanterns and other objects, harmonizing the rich and practical sleeping space/the bedroom is illustrated with modern/simple and neat lines.A large number of gray tone as the basis/by the elegant bean paste color embellishment of small old house in the decoration should focus on the layout of the redesign, lighting design, especially the test