If you “pick up” these dogs on the road, if you have the conditions to keep them, they will repay you

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If one day you can meet one of these dogs on the road, give it a home if you can.These dogs are very intelligent, they have been abandoned, they have been hungry, if you take care of them, they will repay you and be loyal to you for the rest of their lives.Chinese garden dogs, also known as “local dogs”, are synonymous with loyalty but unfair treatment.Some people have too many pups for their native dogs to keep, and there is a good chance they will be abandoned.Therefore, Chinese rural dogs are a relatively large group of stray dogs.If you meet it on the way and it is willing to go with you, please cherish it and take good care of it.Because the biggest advantage of Chinese garden dog is loyalty, as long as you can give it a meal to eat, it will follow you for a lifetime.Straggly dogs are often abandoned because of poor pedigree and poor appearance.Some from the appearance, it is difficult to distinguish what dog hybrid, but this kind of dog is generally pretty good physique.They don’t have the genetic diseases of purebred dogs, and they’re smart and intelligent.If you pick it up on the way, if you have conditions, take good care of it. Give it a home. It will accompany you and repay you.Golden retriever golden retriever is very gentle temperament, it can be said that everyone loves it, but some excrement managers are very irresponsible, abandon it.If you can meet a golden retriever on the road, take him if you can.Golden hair is very close, as long as you are not hostile to it, with it to cultivate feelings, it will slowly trust you.If it is willing to go home with you, it will use the rest of his life to warm you, grateful you take it this kindness.Labrador labradors are extremely loyal to their owners, but they can be very naughty when they are young, and many poachers can’t stand them.If you come across a Labrador on the road, take it home if you can and grow it up.The mature Labrador is gentle and considerate, and will repay you with loyalty for the rest of his life.What should I pay attention to when picking up a dog?1. Do not approach a stray dog immediately when you meet it on the road. We do not know how the dog’s temperament is, but if you approach it rashly, it may regard you as the enemy and attack you.2. We cannot guarantee the health of a dog wandering outside, so when it is willing to follow you, it is suggested to take it to the pet hospital for a physical check to make sure it is healthy, and then take it home.3. If there is a family with a dog, do not let the dog contact with stray dogs immediately to avoid the potential virus from stray dogs to the dog at home.4. If a dog is wandering outside for a long time, it will be difficult to build up its sense of trust. The dog manager can spend more time with it to promote the relationship.5. The dog if it is from outside the wandering, knows a lot of rules, shovel excrement officer must have the patience to train it, education it, don’t be impatient, training can prepare some snacks to encourage it, recommend freeze-dried yolk granule of “pet”, choose high quality fresh egg yolk, aromatic flavor, texture soft, good palatability, and nutritious.6. Stray dogs live a hunger not dine in the day of every day, malnutrition, shovel excrement officer to help dogs supplement nutrition, step by step you can arrange a comprehensive nutrition for the dog dog food, such as the “chan not greasy dog food”, the raw material is the main choice of chicken, duck, beef, fish, such as high protein, low fat meat, with many vegetables that are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber,Comprehensive help dog nutrition, and good digestion and absorption.Chan is not greasy than dog food to feed the dog, it pay more attention to the dog food to the dog dog is the need of nutrition and health, as a European plant (domestic pet food producers) by han production of high-end dog food, food is not greasy each a bag of dog food can be traced back to the every detail of the production process, to ensure product safety, health and nutrition, is a trusted brand!Conclusion: If conditions permit, will you take stray dogs?Leave a comment in the comments section