Lukou District Yuhong Primary School to carry out “how to do small subject research” special training

2022-05-04 0 By

Training site.Massachusetts moment March 24 – (correspondent Wenheim yan) in order to improve the teachers’ little research level, promoting the school teaching and research work, promote the teacher professional development, building a learning of teachers teaching ability, dares to innovate, on the afternoon of March 21, and green estuary) red elementary school held a “how to do little research” project training activities.Lin Xin, director of teaching and Research Office of Lukou District Education Bureau, gave a special lecture on how to carry out small subject research.From the topic concept of “problem is topic”, “process is research”, “result is result”, the characteristics of small topic “true”, “small”, “real”, “live” and “fast”, to the class independent management, learning independent management, students’ learning, teachers’ teaching, as well as resource development and other aspects of the problem “a certain point”, “a certain detail” to explain how to choose a topic.Lin Xin used “research object + research question + research method” to standardize the name of the subject, and emphasized that the proposition should be accurate, standardized and concise, and the oral, conclusion and thesis forms should not be used, and the research principle of school-based, pragmatic and active innovation should be adhered to.Lin Xin guided by practical problems, to solve the problem for the purpose, with scientific, rigorous attitude to introduce the project demonstrates the basic format of the book, write the province association also focuses on the possible problems when writing reports, and combined with the teachers of the existing research report to do targeted guidance, confused answer one by one for the teacher.Through this special training, the teachers made it clear that the subject research should be problem-oriented, based on education and teaching, with the purpose of solving problems, and with a more scientific and rigorous attitude to carry out the subject research.According to the relevant person in charge of Yuhong Primary School, all teachers will firmly establish the school-based scientific research concept of “problem is subject, reflection is research, growth is achievement”, identify the research theme in “practice and problems”, deeply practice and research, write a new chapter of school wisdom teaching and research, and contribute to the revitalization of education in the district.