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Attentively, with affection, with wisdom designed for teachers to create!A home for teachers to relax and heal the body and mind, a territory for wisdom, happiness and growth, a platform for teachers to create themselves…”Hello, teacher!”APP for the theme of the action, got the attention of more and more teachers and to participate in, there are hundreds teachers “frames affection” theme you will send me the work, on the issue of “story” of the lunar New Year and inspired the participation enthusiasm of teachers all over the country, not only from teachers to a batch of the social and literary and arts are also actively involved in the education career.We randomly selected 10 lucky teachers who will receive an excellent selection of the annual “Ten Books” provided by China Teachers Newspaper.Now,Let’s take a look at the fifth issue of the list of “lucky” – Lin Sichuan province paper Huang Yasha LinShui experimental school Jinjiang city of fujian province Lin Ruijun einhell China center elementary school Town of guangdong province lufeng tateishi Guo Hongming jade jade yan yan development zone middle school Deqing county, huzhou city, zhejiang province Chen Mizhe takahashi elementary school Shijiazhuang yuanshi county, hebei province experimental middle school chun-yan tangXiao Xiaomi, Dongfanghong Primary School, Yueyang Lou District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, Su Meihua, Teacher, Qi Shuai, Jilin Jihua No. 3 Primary School, Baishui Primary School, Baishui County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, Tang Li, Shandong Linyi Mall Experimental School kindergartenPlease inform us your real name, work unit and address, and personal telephone number, so that you can send the prize to the winners.Your information will be treated in strict confidence.In 2022, the Olympic Games and the Spring Festival meet at the foot of the Great Wall in Beijing, China…Last night, the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics kicked off with a stunning performance at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium.As the world’s first “Double Olympic City”, Beijing, together with the Members of the Olympic family, will spread the passion of the Winter Olympics and the warmth of the Spring Festival from Beijing to the world through the inheritance and interaction of the Olympic culture.In the Spring Festival, “teacher, hello!”App invites you to participate in our collection activity, please record your and “Olympic + Spring Festival” various stories in your favorite way, let’s wish the Chinese delegation auspicious year of tiger, tiger tiger live power, in 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games have a great success.Material requirements 1. There is no limit on theme and form, audio, video, poetry, text, pictures, etc.2. Please provide original works.Dear teachers, please send your works to, we will choose the best.In particular, the copyright of all works submitted to the APP or mailbox belongs to China Teachers Daily by default.If the author has other requirements for the copyright, he/she must clearly put them forward at the beginning and the end of the manuscript, so that the copyright ownership can be determined separately and published in written form.In particular, if someone appears in the work, it will be deemed as a tacit permission for China teachers Newspaper and the APP used, video playback and other free use of portraits.If the author has other requirements for portrait rights, be sure to put forward consultations at the beginning of the work, in order to determine portrait rights after publication.