The good news is that the sun is set for next week

2022-05-04 0 By

Today ushered in “rain” solar term.The ancients cloud: “east wind thaw, snow and ice are scattered and for water, and for rain, named rain.”During the rain water solar term, ice and snow melt, rainfall increases, temperature rises, cold and warm.From China’s perennial winter and spring season of the average precipitation, after entering the spring solar term, China’s precipitation has an increasing trend, compared with the beginning of spring solar term, precipitation significantly increased.Meanwhile, as rain falls, snowfall has begun to dwindle, but not yet.Therefore, the increase in rainfall is the main climatic characteristics of the rainwater solar term.China Weather Network has calculated the precipitation probability of provincial capital cities throughout the country during the rain time period, and found that the top 10 cities with the probability of “meeting rain” are all concentrated in the south.Our Zhejiang provincial capital Hangzhou, “rain” probability is even more than 50%.The rain in Zhejiang was extremely heavy before the “rain water” solar term, but it eased slightly in the following days.There will be occasional light rain during the day today, with light sleet or snow in mountainous areas, but the rain (snow) will turn cloudy in the province from night.In the middle and north of Zhejiang, the weather without rain can be maintained until next Monday, and some of them can even look forward to the appearance of sunshine. However, there will be light rain in the south of Zhejiang from tomorrow night, and there will be light sleet or snow in the mountain area.It will be cloudy for the rest of the day, except for a relatively obvious rain and snow on 22nd and 23rd.So hang on, get through the next wave of rain and snow, and the sunshine is just around the corner.