The most authentic colour image of China taken in 1949, sealed by the Soviet Union for 70 years, has finally emerged

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It is a rare and little-known image that recreates the real life of Chinese people 70 years ago. It was taken in 1949 by A Soviet photographer using the most advanced color technology at the time.The footage, which gave a vivid account of the war of liberation and street life in old Shanghai and Beijing, was kept in Soviet storage after Stalin’s death.In 2017, Soviet director Alexei Denisov found the top-secret footage in the archives. He spent nearly two years reconstructing and editing the footage into a six-episode documentary entitled The Rebirth of China, as a gift for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.Now let’s take a look at a part of China that we have never seen before.Let’s take a look at the original war of liberation. During this period, the Kuomintang had 400 million troops, while our party only had more than one million. It seemed impossible to win at that time.In addition, old Chiang had artillery and tanks provided by the United States, but in this way, the Kuomintang was routed by the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army in less than three years, and its defeat was already a foregone conclusion.The butcher Zhang Huizan even pursued the “Three Lights” policy. Look at the Communist Party, no matter where they went, they never took the slightest hint from the masses, and sometimes they even helped the people do farm work.We can see that behind the PLA are the three major disciplines and eight major notes, which remind everyone to observe discipline at all times.During the liberation period, many people will spontaneously join the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army after seeing the team, and even many people will push food to the front to support the People’s Liberation Army. In contrast, the Kuomintang, they can only rely on a little airdrop by Chiang Kai-shek to maintain the battlefield needs, is the so-called righteous more help, less help.The liberation of Shanghai, one of the key battles in the War of Liberation, in order to protect the ancient capital from too much damage and protect the safety of ordinary people in the city, there were many foreigners in the city at that time, once they were accidentally injured, then foreign countries had a reason to intervene in the civil war.Therefore, the PLA gave up the use of heavy firepower such as artillery, and turned to the use of millet plus rifles to fight against the Kuomintang. In the end, the PLA suffered relatively large losses and gained a safe and sound Shanghai.Although Shanghai is the national economic center, before the liberation of Shanghai, it can be said that the polarization is very serious, poor poor die, rich rich die.At that time can often see people from other places to Shanghai for a living, they rowed a boat to Shanghai, because the income is meager, can not afford to live in Shanghai house, their food and drink laza can only be solved on the ship, and even life and death are on the ship.In the following scene, we can see the life of these people all day. The men do some small jobs on the dock to earn money, the women do some housework on the boat, and the children pick up some rubbish in the garbage.We can also see that many ordinary people are struggling to survive in the bottom of poverty, they often have to eat without the next meal.Of course, the people in these boats were relatively good for their time, and we can see that there was also a group of poor people who had to make little shelters out of thatch and reeds.There were thatched houses all over the small river side of the wharf. At that time, people took care of their excrement and urine at random places, so there were feces and garbage everywhere, and the smell was beyond our imagination.And such squalid conditions are a breeding ground for bacterial plagues, which can be deadly if they break out.Worst of all, they had no decent shelter when they were alive, and after they died, they could not even be buried. They were often thrown into rivers.Here, what you see will overturn your cognition, there is no poetic jiangnan water town, some just struggle in the bottom of the toiling people.Not far from the slums is Shanghai’s high-rises and trams on the Bund, which if ghettos are hell is paradise, of course, for the rich.Nanjing Road in Shanghai during the liberation Period We can see these poor people sleeping at the entrance of the concession were found and forced out, and this mother with her child begging in the cold.Although the street is busy, but all this has nothing to do with the poor, because of the incompetence of the Qing government, signed many humiliating treaties.We can see a lot of European-style buildings here, with slogans saying that this was the property of Britain and the United States, because the concession was not under Chinese jurisdiction.As a result, foreigners are bullying the Chinese at will. We can see that this is a sign written at the entrance of the concession, which reads: No dogs or Chinese allowed. If it were not for the Soviet image, many people would still doubt this history.The plight of Shanghai’s poor continued until 1949, when everything changed, with the arrival of the PLA.When the PLA came, the poor were given free brick houses in the city, and they could finally live like human beings.At the same time, a vigorous land reform was under way in the countryside.Before liberation, China had one percent of the landlords, the gentry, and the rest were peasants and the proletariat. But it was this one percent of the landlords who owned most of the land in China.They exploited the farmers like crazy, for example, renting their land to them, but demanding that they hand over half of the harvest, the rest of which they could barely make ends meet, but they had to do so.Under the cruel exploitation of the landlord, the peasants worked so hard all year round that they could hardly get anything. However, in order to survive, they had to borrow food from the landlord again and ran up a large debt.So repeated reincarnation, with the debt more owe more, farmers owe the debt has been to the children and grandchildren are not clear, should be the first spring planted a grain of millet, autumn harvest ten thousand children, the four corners of the world without idle fields, farmers still starve to death.All this changed completely with the arrival of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army. After liberation, new China carried out land reform, so that tillers had their land.From the picture, we can see that the farmers are measuring the land. They are carrying out the policy of dividing the land by drawing more and supplementing less.This land reform has realized the goal that Chinese peasants have been striving for for thousands of years to obtain land, destroyed the feudal land exploitation system, and finally enabled peasants to stand up and become masters.As we can see from the camera, these farmers are happily burning their debts, the large amount of debt left by their ancestors has finally disappeared, and they can share the fields and seeds, and start a good life again.Next, let’s come to Beijing. As the capital of our country, Beijing has a rich history. It doesn’t have the foreign flavor of Shanghai.Although it is in the north, it is not too northern. There are all kinds of southerners and northerners living there. They come from all over the country, and you can see the traditional culture from all over the country here.In the photo, we can see that the man is blowing sugar, which is a traditional craft of Our country. According to rumors, the origin of this craft is not small. The ancestor is Liu Bowen, prime Minister of The Ming Dynasty.Blowing sugar people are exquisite, take a little tangxi, put it on your hand and rub, mouth hold one end, blow bubbles first, and then put it in the wood to blow hard, a sugar man is good.These sugar men come in various shapes. Sun monkeys, goldfish and other animals are the most popular among children.At that time, the Candy Man was short of materials and snacks, so the candy blowing man became one of the few snacks for these children. They had no money and only needed to use toothpaste in exchange.Two toothpaste tubes can be exchanged for a monkey, so children often squeeze out the unused toothpaste tubes at home, and use the toothpaste tubes to exchange little sugar people, so they can have a happy day.It is said that the martial arts of the world come from Shaolin. The three-section cudgel is also one of the shaolin weapons. The cudgel has three sections, which can be long or short, soft or hard.You can dance with both hands or with one hand. However, because the three sections stick is soft and hard, it has very high requirements on wrist strength and is very difficult. If it is careless, it will be self-injury.Figure 丨 Beijing liberation of the early color besides the streets there are magic lantern artist, magic lantern from song dynasty began to popular folk art, traditional artists pull images and narration of the story, the picture finish pull a story is finished, artist vivid description of the story, bystanders and listen to with relish,It was extremely popular street art at the time.In addition to these artists, there are also many street restaurants and food stalls. Chinese people love to eat pasta, among which northerners are the most popular.We can see that the noodle shop in the picture is very simple and looks very pyrotechnic.A cook kneads dough, and soon a dough is ready. The cook swings the dough easily in his hands, and the morning’s bowl of noodles is so comforting that he will be ready for the rest of the day.Now we see the traditional wedding, we can see the bride is eight big sedan chair, the wedding team all wearing bright red clothes, the couple are ordinary people, once this kind of wedding was only held by dignitaries, but now the common people can also do it.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the status of women has been greatly improved. The polygamy system came to an end, and the law began to advocate the freedom of marriage and love. Every woman and girl’s face was filled with smiles, with light in their eyes, and with hope and yearning for the future life.Chairman MAO once said: women hold up half the sky.After the founding of New China, women also became an important member of the family and played a pivotal role in the society.From this moment on, women also began to receive education, from the picture we can see, this is a female teacher to the countryside education village children, boys and girls, they learn knowledge together, eyes have light, this is the future of the motherland flowers, but also the future of the motherland hope.This is the real life of the Chinese people 70 years ago, new China was founded in a piece of ruins, this is the rebirth of China, but also the Chinese nation experienced hundreds of years of disaster to return to the United States, has become a great country in the real sense.The people have faith, the nation has hope and the country has strength.This article is over, thank you for watching the picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete