Ura’s reply to the public’s response to “Dongguan E Subscription”

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Recently, Dongguan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau has received three complaints and inquiries from citizens on dongguan 12345 government service convenience, reflecting that the number of subscribers can not be seen in the “Dongguan E subscription” system.The City Housing Bureau attaches great importance to it and immediately checks and handles it.Then reply to the caller, the system only shows the number of subscribers for the first round of subscription projects, currently all projects are not the first round of subscription stage, so no display.In order to solve the masses about the “dongguan E subscription” system of doubt, the city housing bureau special future electricity processing results in written reply to all citizens, and said that in the future efforts to “Dongguan E subscription” system construction more perfect, better service enterprises and citizens.Dear citizens: Thank you for your attention and support to the work of “DONGGUAN E Subscription” system as well as your comments and suggestions.Regarding your questions about “Dongguan E subscription”, we hereby reply the following:In October 2021, “guan e subscribe” small program is launched, October 15, newly established beforehand (now) sales of newly built commercial housing projects are to be “guan e subscribe” (purchase intention registration system) to register the subscription, in concentrate subscribe during registration and subsequent frozen assets number more than the number of sources in the housing project, a lottery to choose room need to implement a surveyor.”Dongguan E subscription” system and related systems have effectively solved the problem of information asymmetry in the subscription process of commercial housing, put an end to market chaos such as “tea fee” and “internal transfer of housing”, and played a positive role in promoting fair trade, which has been well received by citizens and the media.Meanwhile, based on the operation of the system and feedback from all parties in the market over the past three months, we have also adjusted and improved “Dongguan E Subscription”.At present, the first round of centralized subscription period (pre-sale card after 10 days to start subscription, subscription period is not less than 5 days) will still show the number of subscribers in real time, such as successful registration and subsequent frozen capital number more than the number of houses can be sold, the batch of housing need to be notary lottery selection;If the first round of subscription expires and the number of registrants can not reach the number of houses available for sale, the system will automatically extend the subscription period (generally one year, but also according to the requirements of enterprises to adjust the time), “sell” stage will show the number of houses available for sale, no longer show the number of subscribers.As for the problem of not seeing the number of registrations reported by the public, the main reason is that all the projects displayed in the system are not the first round of subscription, including the last project that got the pre-sale certificate on January 28 before the Spring Festival, which has just finished the first round of subscription.With the housing enterprises after the year began to apply for pre-sale (now), the new sales of the project batch in the first round of centralized subscription period will be real-time display of the number of subscribers, convenient for the public to understand the subscription registration and whether it may need notary lottery.For the commercial housing projects that are not subscribed in the first round, the information of available housing sources is also open and transparent.The person that buy a house through “guan e subscribe” can easily query to each project can be source in the housing situation, through the schedule of “real estate” to track the status of each building residential unit sales, including what room number available (not subscribe), what room number already subscribed or already net sign, etc., and according to the source in the housing situation and their own need to subscribe.Next, we will continue to optimize the “Dongguan E Subscription” mini program to better serve enterprises and citizens.This reply.Dongguan City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau 2022 February 9 source: I Dongguan article source: LeJu house quality content recommended 2022, a good start!Yixing new house prices in January 2022!Sanmen Haiyou Street, Xingang block commercial and residential land floor price transaction floor price 2300 yuan/flat February 9, dongguan’s latest real estate quotation city has an average price of about 30,000 yuan/square meters