“Emperor of the Sea” bastard: don’t love wealth love beauty, to marry a beautiful stewardess to abandon 2 billion assets

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Zhang Guowei is the “emperor of the Sea” Zhang Rongfa’s second concubine, the only son, is also the youngest son.Because clever and capable, Zhang Rongfa dotes on this bastard.Zhang Guowei let his father look at him with new eyes by his strength, once became the general manager of Eva Air, but because he insisted on marrying a beautiful stewardess, he broke with his father and gave up 2 billion yuan of assets, his father drove out of the house.There are many people who never change their minds for money, but few people who are not moved by money.Zhang Guowei has staged a drama that does not love money and beauty, many people said they did not understand, is daddy’s money is not sweet?Speaking of Zhang Guowei’s father, Zhang Rongfa, is a legend.Zhang Rongfa was born in Keelung, Taiwan Province. He grew up by the sea and loved the sea since childhood.What a poor life, hard work all by themselves, from the crew to the captain, and then to business, founded in 1968, evergreen Marine, after years of development, evergreen Marine became the world’s largest shipping company, what so called “sea emperor, later, his business empire expanded to air, sea and land, all-round development, evergreen group operating companies,The annual turnover of the company exceeds 70 billion yuan.With such a large family business, Zhang rongfa naturally has to think carefully about succession.Zhang rongfa’s original wife Lin Jinzhi gave birth to three sons and a daughter, and the family was very happy in the outside world.Zhang Rongfa did not abandon the original wife, but quietly in the outside of the outside room.Second room Li Yumei gave birth to son Zhang Guowei for Zhang Rongfa, mother and child to avoid people’s eyes and ears, long-term life in the United States.After graduating from the University of California, Zhang worked his way up through the ranks at his father’s Eva Air, working behind counters and repairing planes.Zhang guowei has loved airplanes since he was a child, so he has a passion for his job.His performance was seen in the eyes of Zhang Rongfa, Zhang Rongfa is very satisfied, told the media that the child is too hard.Some of Zhang guowei’s friends from wealthy families like to go to nightclubs, but Zhang prefers to spend time studying planes. In his opinion, planes are much more interesting than nightclubs.This is a struggling rich second generation.Zhang Guowei was a good helper to his father in his career, but neither of his two marriage partners satisfied Zhang Rongfa.Zhang Guowei’s first wife, CAI Qingshan, is a stewardess in his company. They love each other passionately for many years. When Zhang Rongfa knows, he does not support their marriage.In Zhang Rongfa’s view, men and women are combined, the most important.CAI Qingshan is from an ordinary family, which is not zhang Rongfa’s ideal daughter-in-law.But son obstinate, Zhang Rongfa helpless, can only agree to the marriage of two people, in order to express their attitude, he does not attend the wedding of two people.The unblessed marriage did not end. After only six months, the relationship broke down.Love is like a tornado, it comes and goes.During his separation from his wife, Cheung fell in love with another flight attendant, Yip Shuk Man, who was called the most beautiful flight attendant of Lee Wing Air and a flower in the sky.After Yip shuk Man was seconded to Eva Air, Cheung met her on a flight patrol and fell in love with her at first sight.Ye Shuwen could not resist the charm of the rich second generation and soon fell in love.Two people like each other, but angered Zhang Rongfa.Zhang Rongfa was thinking of his son finally, but did not think of his son and the first stewardess wife make separation, in a blink of an eye and found a second stewardess.Zhang Rongfa first grudgingly compromise promised his son’s marriage, the second time firmly disagree.Zhang Rongfa had sent people to inquire about everything about Ye Shuwen, that ye Shuwen’s past love relationship is very complex, Zhang Rongfa therefore more bad impression of her.After zhang guowei divorced Choi Ching-shan, he decided to marry Yip Shu-wen.Zhang Rongfa said to his son, if marry Ye Shuwen, will be thrown out of the house, he used to get all the benefits back.Facing the threat from his father, Zhang did not cower.He made up his mind not to love wealth but beauty.Seeing his son opinionated, Zhang Rongfa unbearable, finally decided at the company meeting, Zhang Guowei’s general manager position was cancelled, by the chief deputy general manager Chen Xinde agent.The relationship between father and son fell to the freezing point, But Zhang Guowei did not want to recover, he fell in love cannot extricate themselves.Zhang Guowei, who inherited his father’s domineer style, never bowed his head. He went to the Ye family with a fruit basket, which was a public expression of his attitude.In fact, Zhang Guowei is very similar to Zhang Rongfa in personality. He is not only serious and responsible in work, but also persistent in marriage.Zhang Rongfa in the original wife died, regardless of children against, resolutely married second room Li Yumei wife.Cheung not only gave up his Eva Air job to marry Yip shu-wen, but also voluntarily handed over his mansion in Taipei and his shares in Eva Air and Eva International worth about NT $2 billion.No one from the Zhangs came to his wedding with Yip Shuwen.It was another unblessed marriage, but Zhang has no regrets.Without luxury cars, Zhang guowei drove a Toyota after marriage.He often takes the bus to travel, zhang Guowei is calm about his downfall, told reporters that he does not care.For the future, Zhang Guowei is sober.He took his wife to the United States for further study, during this period also obtained a Boeing 777-300ER pilot’s license.Although Zhang Rongfa released malicious words, his son is not allowed to enter the house, but how can affection be one or two words can cut off.He still quietly watched his son, knowing that his son had been studying hard and constantly improving his professional skills, Zhang rongfa appreciated his son.Zhang Rongfa is getting old and has to consider his successor. Of his four sons, Zhang Guowei is the one he is most satisfied with.He thought this kid was the most like him.Zhang rongfa eventually forgave his son for his disobedience.Now that the die is cast, we can only accept the second stewardess daughter-in-law.When Zhang returned to Eva Air in 2009, Zhang didn’t let him resume his old job directly. Instead, he started repairing planes and received long-term training at the grassroots level.For Zhang guowei, everything about airplanes is fun, even if the wind and the sun do not feel hard.It took him a few years to become chairman of Eva Air.His ability is outstanding, for the company to negotiate a lot of big orders, so that the company’s business condition is thriving.With such a successor, Zhang Rongfa smiled from ear to ear.Mr. Fang’s sons were not happy. In their view, Mr. Zhang, always a bastard, had gained too much.When Zhang Rongfa was alive, the family managed to maintain a semblance of harmony.In 2016, after Zhang Rongfa died of illness, his three sons and Zhang Guowei were torn apart.It all started because of Zhang rongfa’s will, in which Zhang decided to leave his 53.6 billion yuan savings and shares to Zhang Guowei and make zhang the group’s president.Zhang Rongfa such allocation, also has his consideration, because Zhang Guowei several elder brothers and sisters have already got the shares of the company, has absolute control of the company, Zhang Guowei but because once ran away from home, gave up 2 billion assets, now alone.Angered by the fact that only Zhang guowei was mentioned in their father’s will, the zhangs’ children decided to empty zhang’s position in the company.They held an emergency meeting with the company’s senior staff, cancelled Evergreen’s management headquarters and the post of president was abolished.Mr Zhang was ousted from Evergreen less than a week after taking the top job.The Big room side of the Zhang family also publicly said that Zhang Rongfa loved to do charity, as long as Zhang Guowei is willing to donate 53.6 billion legacy, can return to evergreen group when the president.They knew it was impossible, so they deliberately made things difficult for Zhang guowei.Zhang Guowei seemed helpless in the face of his brothers’ difficulties.Everyone is waiting to see the drama, but Zhang Guowei does not want revenge.He didn’t want to get caught up in a family feud, which was the last thing Zhang wanted. “I wish all my children and grandchildren could live in harmony and take care of each other,” the last clause in his will said.His children did not listen, born in a rich family, complex interests easily make people complicated.Zhang guowei was kicked out and started his own airline, Star Aerospace.Starting from scratch won’t be easy, but Zhang guowei is determined to overcome all difficulties.In March 2020, the lawsuit surrounding Zhang rongfa’s will was finally settled in favor of Zhang Guowei, who received 53.6 billion yuan from his father.Zhang Rongfa let Zhang Guowei as the head of the company because of his ability, hoping that under the leadership of Zhang Guowei, Evergreen Group can go further, but how to think that soon after his death, the family began to fight, the youngest son was driven out of the company.This is a sad thing for Zhang Rongfa.