Fushun County: strengthen government-enterprise exchanges and seek common development

2022-05-05 0 By

For the implementation of the central, provincial, city and county relevant supporting policies of foreign trade, through face-to-face communication understanding, foreign trade enterprises need or want to provide convenient and efficient service, to create a clear business environment, recently, by FuShun County business bureau to undertake “enterprise coffee sit” theme activities of foreign trade in the center of the county style basketball stadium held on the second floor, the county on behalf of the relevant departments, Banks, foreign enterprises,More than 30 people attended the event.On the forum, the head of the county bureau of Commerce to enterprises to promote foreign trade development related policies;The heads of the four major banks preached foreign exchange policies and relevant national support policies in the process of foreign trade.Finally, the representatives of participating enterprises will ask questions on the spot, and relevant departments and banks will clear up doubts.This activity, the scene to help foreign trade enterprises to solve 6 problems, improve the level of government service, help the county’s foreign trade enterprises high-quality development.