If the decoration, it is recommended to do these 9 decoration decisions, not hypocritical, but really practical

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If the decoration, it is recommended to do the 9 decoration decisions, not pretentious, but really practical there are a lot of decoration friends always think: I have a lot of friends and relatives, colleagues decoration, their own decoration and then ask them, they can provide a lot of decoration experience, not afraid to step on the pit regret!It would be naive for everyone to think so!The knowledge inside decoration can be much, not simple one or two sentences can be summed up!I, including myself, have been learning and accumulating, so as to share new knowledge with you continuously.Take a look at these 9 practical decoration decisions today that can not only improve the quality of life, but also enhance the sense of well-being at home.Porch area ‍① shoe cabinet depth and the height of the board in the shoe cabinet!Shoe cabinet is mainly used to solve the problem of shoe storage, the first thing to consider is the specific use, and the actual location, if you do not consider the actual situation of the home, the size of the shoe cabinet and the location of the home is not matched, not only destroyed the overall coordination of the home, but also outweighs the loss.The most important point: the interior space must be customized according to their own and family habits, otherwise if the depth is not enough, placed the shoes can not close the cupboard door, the height is not enough even shoes can not be put in, lost practicality.The height between shoe cabinet laminate is usually set between 150mm, but we all know the size of men and women’s shoes are different, the difference is very big, so it is best to add some laminate grain between two laminate, design for active laminate, so that the spacing between laminate can be adjusted according to the height of the shoes.When putting shoes, men’s and women’s shoes, low help high help shoe layering is placed, so not only can promote the receiving ability of shoe ark, but also more clear at a glance, take more convenient.The bottom of the shoe cabinet must be left empty!If the bottom of the shoe cabinet is not empty, then we need to open and close the cabinet door every time we go out and change the shoes. After a long time, we will feel very troublesome, and even put the shoes randomly in the entry place, so that the entry place is messy, affecting the mood and visiting friends will also cause a bad experience.So, shoe ark bottom leave empty is very necessary!Not only can you usually wear shoes can be stored in the following, but also can make the house clean and tidy, home can have a good mood, but also can create a good impression of visiting friends, good experience.If it is rainy, it can also well avoid shoes to bring rain into the cabinet, causing pollution and humidity in the cabinet and affecting the service life of the cabinet.At the same time, if the left space under the shoe cabinet is added to the lamp belt, after the lamp is lit, the shoe cabinet not only has a very good decorative, but also obviously becomes a high-level feeling, change the shoes can also be more clear to find the target shoes.③ It is necessary to design the clothes-hanging area in the hallway!The shoe ark that porch is in affirmation every family needs, but can go designing to hang garment area when custom-made shoe ark, it is the detail that a lot of people did not consider truly.With the clothes hanging area, coats, bags and other things won’t be thrown on the sofa or brought back to the bedroom, which makes home life more clean and orderly. In addition, when friends visit, they can also have a place to put their belongings and coats, and they won’t forget to take them when they leave.At the same time shoe ark place is designed to hang clothes area, lower part still can add the ark body that contains cushion, realize the action that changes shoe stool, promoted practical greatly.④ Induction lamp is a good thing to create happiness!The induction lamp installed in the porch can not only facilitate our daily life, but also create a sense of happiness, so that we feel the ritual sense of home, so as to obtain a sense of belonging.It is the use of heat induction principle, when the induction of the heat automatically open, when the human body leaves the induction range, delay a certain time automatically closed, without manual press the porch button, realize the role of energy saving, environmental protection, home in the evening when it will light up in advance, to meet you go home, a great sense of happiness arises spontaneously.Its appearance design is elegant and pleasing to the eye, can be with advanced can also be very warm, installation is also very convenient, very well to improve the quality of life.And even if the early decoration did not consider the installation of induction lamp, no reserved power supply, it does not matter, the induction lamp style on the market is rich and colorful, rechargeable is also very affordable and durable, a charge can be used for a long time.⑤ There must be a shoe changing stool!Porch is the first space we go home to enter, its space design is often beautiful and practical, but also the place where we go home to wear shoes, if your home is not like the above do hanging area + shoe stool design, please do not save to change the shoe stool this object!Change shoe stool in the eyes of many people change shoe stool as an optional furniture, but if there is no change shoe stool, then change shoes this small action, or have to “golden chicken independent” change shoes, or bend down to squat for shoes.With a shoe stool, you can sit on it and change easily without leaning against a wall, bending over, or trying to balance.At the same time, sitting to change shoes can also avoid having neatly dressed clothes, because of squatting and bending and wrinkles, thus improving the happiness index of life.Guest restaurant area ‍① TV socket to be hidden!Present TV wall serves as the design key of the space that occupy the home, have one side exquisite TV wall to be able to foil the beauty that gives sitting room pattern, let the sitting room appear more dignified high-grade.But the TV wall is certainly not a TV, and then with the set-top box, router and other objects, so will lead to power lines and sockets particularly much, if not the power lines and sockets of these equipment design hidden, so messy wire will pull down the level of the appearance of the whole living room, affect the visual sense.So it is very necessary to hide the electric wire socket in the TV place!Create a dignified and high-grade living room environment.② Install sockets on both sides of the sofa!Now the variety of household appliances, to a great extent to bring convenience to people’s life, in family life is inseparable from the socket, sofa on both sides of the socket is essential.Sofa is a place often used in home life, but also a place where friends visit to entertain friends, so it is very necessary to install the socket, not only convenient to lie on the sofa to play with the phone, but also convenient for friends to play with the phone no electricity, to charge the phone.Still have the friends of quality of life of a few pursuit, want to place floor lamp in the home, should reserve socket beside sofa more.③ Dining chairs should not be placed against the wall as far as possible!The restaurant is the place where we eat, and the movement of the dining chair is inevitable and frequent. If the dining chair is placed against the wall, it is easy to bump against the wall before and after we eat, causing the wall paint to fall off, resulting in potholes on the wall, and affecting the overall beauty.④ The dining room light is not in the middle of the dining room!The main function of restaurant lights is to provide bright light for dining, so they should be designed on the top of the table to make food more colorful and appetizing, rather than in the middle of the restaurant.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement contact delete)