Neijiang, Sichuan: Volunteers care for the elderly in gaoqiao town nursing home

2022-05-05 0 By

Sichuan News (editor zhai Genxiang) On January 26, 2022, volunteers of Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, China Red Vanguard, came to neijiang City Dongxing District Gaoqiao Town nursing home to carry out the “care for the elderly and dedication of love” activity.At 8:30 a.m., volunteers lined up neatly, carrying rice, flour, oil, milk and other items, led by the military band in front of the way, playing a loud melody to the nursing home.When the old people learned that it was the Red Pioneers who came to see them.Excited to say: “the communist party is good, did not forget us these decrepit people!”The volunteers warmly talk and chat with the old people, especially the pioneer “little angel” Yue Xinyan was held in the arms of the old people and kissed, the little boy laughed like a flower, making the old people laugh constantly, bringing endless family happiness to the old.The most harmonious scene was when the volunteers helped the old people to the conference hall, sang red songs with them, and performed for them. Teacher Zou Yongping’s special show “Living Buddha Helps The Public” made them smile.The arrival of the volunteers, let the nursing home more than an angry, let the old people’s lonely heart again agitation, holding the hands of the volunteers said a “thank the party and the country did not forget us”.The organized and disciplined activities of the Volunteers of China Red Vanguard not only make the old people happy, but also get high praise from the leaders of the nursing home, and reach long-term cooperation with the vanguard!Participants in this activity (ranked before and after) :Zeng Mingyou, Zou Liping, Li Jiaying, Wang Wenxuan, Tan Xueying, Chen Meilong, Liu Zhongxiu, Li Maoliang, Ye Shufang, Wang Qixian, Lin Xingquan, He Shufang, Yan Daoxiu, Mei Zhexian, Tang Xiaohua, Zhao Lifang, Zou Yongping, Jiang Shiqiong, Zhong Dongzhi, Cao Jiarong, Yang Ping, LiuJun, Dai Chaoqun, LAN Huaying, Chen Yulong, Zhang Shuhui, Li Fangfang, Huang Yongfang, Huang Xifang, Li Lin, Zhang Mingfang, Min Xifang, Yue Xinyan, a total of 33 people.(Photo by Zou Yongping)