The longest venomous snake, can easily devour snakes. How dangerous is the giant King Cobra when it gets into people’s homes?

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Snake lovers will recognize the King Cobra, whose name sounds similar to that of a cobra.But these are two very different types of snakes.At least in terms of their size, they’re miles apart, not to mention anything else.The king eye snake had previously been found in a family of villagers in Yunnan province, but luckily the snake was released into the wild after being captured by police.So what exactly is the king cobra?Why did the police try their best to capture it, and then released it?The king cobra is mainly found in India, Malaysia and so on.There are also a small number of species in China, but because there are so few, they are also designated as second-class protected animals.In addition to being quite large, the king Cobra is extremely fast, and its terrifying speed can be seen in the whirlwind that the king cobra passes through.Although it’s a very venomous snake.But in fact, like other snakes, it uses its tongue to scan like radar.Once they have identified a target, they will follow it until they have captured it.This kind of snake is quite special, but its appearance is ordinary and not bright at all. This kind of snake is mainly made of black and gray, because this color is their best camouflage color, to prevent them from being spotted by other animals when they catch their prey.King Cobra is right when he says he is the world’s largest venomous snake.First of all, in terms of body size, king cobra is very characteristic, the body is quite huge, the longest king cobra actually reached six meters in length, most of the king cobra body length is about four meters.In addition to being very long, the King Cobra appears to be quite large compared to other snakes.Since the king cobra is a very venomous snake, the most terrifying aspect of the king cobra is its venom.The venom of the king cobra is many times more powerful than that of the king cobra.Even a strong bull can die within 30 minutes of being bitten by a king cobra.That’s enough to see how poisonous the king cobra really is.The king cobra venom contains a variety of neurotoxins, so people who are accidentally bitten by a king cobra can experience a variety of symptoms, including dizziness and lethargy at first.But over time, if left untreated, symptoms can get worse, leading to respiratory failure and death.King cobras have a high fatality rate because their venom is so strong.Its venom is stored on both sides of its cheeks.When they attack their prey, they inject the venom into the prey’s body in the shortest time possible.Because king cobra venom is less regenerative, king cobra venom is precious to them.If the prey is small, they will not attack with venom, but if the prey is large, they will attack with venom.In addition to the king cobra venom is very scary, its entanglement force is also very amazing.When hunting some reptiles, they value their venom so much that they don’t use it to kill their prey.They usually rely on their powerful bodies to wrap themselves around their prey until it suffocates.Just how strong is the king cobra’s grip?To exaggerate, even a strong bull can’t break free from the snake’s powerful winding force.How do king cobras breed?After introducing the horror of king cobra, I believe many people will be terrified, since this creature is so terrible, why is it listed as a national protected animal?In fact, this is mainly because its population is so low that the state not only protects the animal, but also keeps a close eye on its reproduction to maintain the overall king cobra population.So how exactly do king cobras breed?Because king cobras are relatively few in number, breeding them has been difficult.When spring comes, female king cobras send frequent messages to attract male king cobras.Female king cobras send messages that attract males, and if there are a lot of them, there can be conflict.These male king cobras fight to get a female.The winning team has a chance to get the female king cobras.But that’s not the end of it. If the winning male finds out that the female is pregnant, he will get very angry and will beat her up, or if it’s more serious, he will kill his mate or even eat it.So the king Cobra’s bottom line is pretty high.Of course, if all goes well, the female and male king cobras will have a wonderful time together, and when she’s pregnant, she’ll run off to a safe place and build a nest of leaves to lay her eggs.On average, a female king cobra lays about 30 eggs, and when all of them are laid, she sits next to them and completes her breeding.What if you meet a King cobra?Although the total number of king cobras is relatively rare, this does not mean that we will not encounter king cobras in our daily life. What should we do when we encounter them?The first thing to remember is, don’t provoke the king cobra, don’t let the king cobra feel hostile.Keep your eyes on the king cobra slowly and back away from it, at least three meters away.Then slowly walk away.Of course, this is lucky, but if you do get bitten by a king cobra, don’t panic.Always call the emergency number and show the doctor where you have been bitten.Second, while waiting for the doctor to arrive, the venom can be sucked out alone with a clean tool. At the same time, close to the heart, it should be tied with a ribbon.Lest there be a worse outcome.Although king cobra venom is relatively strong, but rescued in time, or can save life.King cobra venom is quite strong, but if you do accidentally encounter a king cobra, you must keep calm and do not attack the king cobra, after all, the king cobra is a national protected animal.If you do harm to a king cobra, you end up being criminally liable, which is a bit of a pyrrhic loss.