0-2 to 3-2, super reverse, Medvedev in the last four, 00 new star out

2022-05-06 0 By

Last game of the 2022 Australian open men’s singles quarter-finals, medvedev against aliya SIMS, at the end of the day, medvedev has played the drama of the super reversal, from the three after the 2-0 win 3-2 eliminated aliya SIMS, boarded the four last bus (before nadal, bailey tiny and he pass already qualified), this time is very long, medvedev did world war I,Showing the ability to win the championship, Aliasim regretfully out.With the absence of Djokovic, no. 2 seed Medvedev has become the biggest favorite to win the title, firmly occupy the world No. 2 position, the Way to the Australian Open, he won lakosonnan, Kyrgios, De Zanddesilopu and Creasy, won the US Open began 11 consecutive Grand Slam, the state is quite hot;Aliasim is the ninth seed, is the tennis supernova after 00, the way to advance is a little hard, the first round fell into five sets of the second round experienced 4 tiebreak, then improved, 3-0 easily defeated Evans, 3-1 reverse defeat Cilic, become the first into the Australian Open quarterfinals after 00 players.The two men have played each other three times before, and Medvedev has won all of them, giving him the absolute upper hand.The first set, the two quite close, play 6-6, entered the tiebreaker.In the tiebreak, Medvedev double-faulted twice and Aliasim took a 6-3 lead. Medvedev saved a set point, but then sent an error and Aliasim won the tiebreak 7-4, 1-0 on aggregate.Aliasim broke serve in the second game of the second set to serve again for 3-0.Medvedev saved 1-3 in the fourth game.Aliasim served 5-2 in the seventh game.The 8th bureau, Medvedev vedev this dish is not guaranteed service bureau, thrilling win to pull back.In the ninth game, Aliasim served to win the set and won easily, 6-3.In the third set, the two men entered a duel, with Medvedev serving 5-4 in the ninth game and Aliyasim coming back 5-5 in the 10th.The 11th game, 6-5 after a thrilling save by Medvedev.The 12th game, Aliyasim this set must be guaranteed serve, withstand the pressure to win, and entered the tie-breaker, Medvedev 7-2 easily won, the overall score of 1-2.In the fourth set, Aliasim saved the fifth game 3-2, medvedev also easily saved the game 3-3.Aliasim hit four ACES in a row to set 4-3 in the seventh game, but Mui survived the pressure to level again at 4-4.In the ninth game, Aliasim won 5-4 with a powerful serve.In the 10th game, Aliasim had match point and Medvedev saved for 5-5.In the 11th and 12th games, Mei broke and saved, 7-5, 2-2 on aggregate.In the tiebreaker, Medvedev broke 2-1 in the third game, medvedev easily saved 3-1 to extend his advantage in the fourth game, and Aliyasim struggled to save 2-3 in the fifth game.Medvedev saved 5-3 after serving a break point in the eighth game and Aliyasim struggled to save 4-5 in the ninth.Medvedev served to win the 10th game, saved a break point and came back to win 6-4 to advance 3-2 on aggregate.