Anhui Provincial Department of Housing and Construction issued an emergency notice to actively prepare for snow and ice weather

2022-05-06 0 By

When online, when news client Reporter learns on January 26, housing, urban and rural construction field before and after the Spring Festival for the further response to prevent low temperature sleet freezing weather, the anhui province housing and urban and rural construction department issued an urgent notice, minimize losses, to ensure that people’s life and property security, to ensure normal production and living order.As the Spring Festival is approaching, the epidemic prevention and control, cold wave and low temperature, and returning home for the Spring Festival are all intertwined, posing a serious threat to workplace safety and natural disasters.Living building provincial departments to immediately complete organization of outdoor advertising, lighting lighting, security hidden perils of CMC and other facilities, reserve of emergency equipment and material, and in a timely manner to form snow removal, repair and other emergency rescue teams, and ensure that the first time cleaning the city road snow icing, timely removal of primary and secondary trunk road, ManXingDao, viaduct, overpasses, pedestrian overpass the place such as ice and snow,Remove branches, parking lots (sheds), billboards, sunshades and other snow in a timely manner, urge units and businesses along the street to implement the “three guarantees in front of the door” responsibility, clear snow, eliminate road obstacles.In terms of housing safety, the provincial Housing and construction Department urged property service enterprises and related management units to actively implement safety precautions against low temperature rain and snow freezing weather, and effectively protect the safety of life and property of the majority of owners.We will carry out investigations and treatment of potential safety hazards in dilapidated houses in rural areas, and evacuate people with potential safety hazards in time to avoid casualties caused by house collapse.Focus on 3 floors and above, used for business, dense personnel and unauthorized reconstruction and expansion of the 4 categories of key houses to carry out random inspection and review, to check the omissions and deficiencies, eliminate blind areas, especially for rental houses into the scope of key investigation, establish a regular dynamic safety monitoring mechanism, timely find and eliminate risks and hidden dangers.In terms of construction site safety, the provincial Department of Housing and Construction requires strict safety control of dangerous large projects, urging enterprises to strengthen the inspection of construction crane, high support mold, scaffolding, deep foundation pit and other dangerous partial projects.Focus on the use of fire and electricity and other key parts, important links hidden trouble investigation and safety control.Strengthen the safety management of large-span lightweight structure houses and temporary houses, and clean water and snow on roofs in time to prevent collapse accidents.Effective measures should be taken to ensure that construction workers are equipped with labor protection supplies in winter. During rain, snow and freezing weather, aerial work and the installation, disassembly and maintenance of all equipment should be prohibited.(Reporter Tan Meiling)