Fuling: help rural revitalization of more than 300 mu of cherry blossom

2022-05-06 0 By

The cherry blossoms under the blue sky are particularly beautiful.People’s Daily Online Chongqing on February 24, the sun is shining, the recent outdoor flowers are the golden season.Fuling District Baisheng Town taiping village of more than 300 mu of cherry blossom is also gradually in full bloom.Under the warm sunshine, the blue sky and white clouds, the scenery is very beautiful.Into the taiping village, a white eye, the road on both sides of the full layer of stacked cherry blossom, yellow stamens, white petals, pink lace……Super high “appearance level” attracted bees busy, play between flowers.Under the irradiation of the sun, the blue sky against the eyes of the flowers, a tightly clustered, white and clean, pink and tender, the United States is shining, just like the most beautiful “model” in spring.”Last year, we had more than 9,000 visitors picking cherries.Our group of cherry growers can increase their income by about 20,000 yuan per household, with the largest one selling more than 50,000 yuan.”Taiping village 6 group leader he Mingchun said.It is understood that this year taiping village planted more than 300 mu of cherry trees, the output of about 20 thousand jin, 15 yuan/jin calculation, is expected to bring 300 thousand yuan income to fruit farmers.(Liu Zhengning, He He) (Editor: Gai Chun, Zhang Yi)