Su Xinya investigated market supply, production safety, epidemic prevention and control, and project construction

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On January 27, Su Xinya, secretary of the National Flag Committee, visited supermarkets and enterprises to investigate market supply protection, work safety, epidemic prevention and control, and project construction before the Spring Festival.Qiao Aiping, Wang Yujie and Zhang Yanan, leaders of Zhungeer Economic Development Zone, Dalu Industrial Park and relevant departments of zhunzhi participated in the survey.Su Xinya first went to The Sunshine Supermarket in Xuejiawan City Life Square and inspected the sales areas of vegetables, meat, fruits, rice and noodles. She also had in-depth communication with the supermarket managers and inquired about the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, price changes of major daily necessities and supply and marketing channels.He stressed the need to strengthen market supervision and strict food safety inspections to ensure that the general public can feel at ease with their consumption during the Spring Festival.We will further strengthen the allocation of supplies in reserve, ensure smooth channels for the circulation of goods, ensure adequate market supply, and ensure stable prices of daily necessities.All measures must be taken to ensure that people have a happy, peaceful, healthy and safe Chinese New Year, including temperature checks, travel codes and health codes, and regular epidemic prevention and control measures.Then Su Xinya deep bay xue family power supply bureau, Inner Mongolia iron intelligent equipment co., LTD., a visit to the control center, production workshop, technical centers and the relevant person in charge of, respectively, with detailed conversation, learn more about QuanQi operation of power grid, power grid construction, power supply and guarantee and the enterprise production process, technical process, safety regulation, and the next step development planning, etc.Su Xinya stressed that the Spring Festival will come, enterprises should firmly keep safety in production line, to pay special attention to the enterprise safety in production work, compaction compaction main body responsibility, fully implement the good all deployment requirements about safety in production, around the weak link, highlight key areas, focus on important positions, intensify the hidden perils in safety regulation, maximize the hidden dangers in the bud,We will prevent all kinds of accidents and ensure the stability of production safety during the festival.Su Xinya also came to the new energy industry base of science and technology building construction site, and the related detailed conversation, head, carefully ask project overall planning, technology research and development and the service content, detailed understanding of the project progress, business, factory buildings, etc, and listen to the project construction progress.Su xinya stressed the need to strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency in developing the new energy industry, firmly grasp the “window period” of development, and make all-out efforts to promote the implementation of new energy projects.We need to strengthen our confidence in development, reverse the construction period, conduct wall charts, and grasp the timing. We need to advance projects with high standards and high efficiency on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of projects, and ensure that projects can reach production and yield results as soon as possible.It is necessary to enhance the sense of service, provide all-round and high-quality service guarantee for project construction, promote the early production and early efficiency of the project, make the new energy industry chain better and stronger, and drive the high-quality development of the whole flag’s social economy.Source: Zhungrong Media Center Reporter: He Ruihong