The second trial of Jiang Ge case began.One supporter wanted a hug, the other was overruled

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The second trial of Jiang Ge case began.The second trial of jiang Ge, a Chinese singer whose supporters wanted to give him a hug and whose supporters were rejected, began today.Look at the details instead of the results.Early in the morning, a Qingdao elder sister came to the court in advance, waiting for the emergence of Jiang Qiulian.When I learned that Jiang Qiulian was absent from the court for physical reasons, the elder sister felt very sorry: I do not know Jiang Qiulian, nor do I know Liu Xin, but I am a mother, I am a supporter of Jiang Ma, there is nothing else I can do, just want to give Jiang Ma a hug, on behalf of good mothers to Jiang Ma support.Liu Xin absence of the first trial, the second trial accident in court.At 8:00 a.m., Liu, wrapped in a thick down jacket and wearing an N95 mask, looked around and deliberately avoided a large number of media reporters waiting at the door.Despite feeling like he had slipped in through the back door of the courthouse, he was photographed by sensitive journalists.For the second trial, Liu Xin full of confidence.Liu xin said: “I now have no friends, no job, no hope, court is the last chance, if the second trial to maintain the original verdict,” I only have to die.”Liu added: “How do you expect me to live, I still hold the hope of Chinese law, I support today, give me such a result, if the law is upheld, I really can not go on.”If the verdict is upheld in the second trial, I will die. Is that an ambition or a challenge?Is this a commitment to the law or a challenge to justice?Jiang Ma had a large number of supporters, and Liu Xin also had many supporters.Fans of Liu xin donated 20,000 yuan for the trial, according to liu’s lawyer.Before the trial, a self-proclaimed liu Xin supporter who said he wanted to enter the trial “as a new witness” was rejected on the spot.There had been online debate over whether Liu xin’s decision to lock Jiang Ge out was a moral or legal issue.Obviously, this kind of deliberately instigated debate, or toward Liu Xin.I do not know what the outcome of the debate will be, but the good and righteous Internet users know that the bottom line of morality is law, and when moral condemnation cannot solve a problem, only legal means can be used to solve it.Listen to the court outside the netizen’s comments, liu Xin can foresee the probability of losing the second trial is very large.So, if you lose the second trial, you’re dead?Don’t forget, Jiang Ge has been innocent for more than 5 years!