The wrecker, the coach killer!The Nets and lakers are in the same boat. James is richer than Durant

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The Brooklyn Nets were outgunned on both ends of the court in a 102-125 loss to the Utah Jazz that extended their longest losing streak in nearly two years.The Nets, meanwhile, are half a game away from falling out of the top six in the Eastern Conference, and a playoff playoff berth looks like a realistic possibility this season.The Nets have lost eight of their last 10 games since Kevin Durant was sidelined and their defense has been in tatters.The wrecker, the coach killer!The Nets and lakers are in the same boat. James is richer than Durant.Through the first 32 games of the season, the Nets were second in field goal percentage restriction and first in 3-point restriction, and after the team announced that Kyrie Irving would return from suspension for road games, the presence of Irving in and out of the lineup clearly affected their chemistry.The nets of defensive efficiency in 20 games presented the bluffs overlooking the downward trend in style, they limit their opponents shots from unions fell to 2, 19 from the field to limit from 1 fell to the union league 18th, the decline in the record and the performance of the head to let the nets inside was exposed many problems, many players for Carey — Owen part-time status is very discontent,James Harden has been frequently linked to the Philadelphia 76ers.There’s a lot of talk, but it’s still talk.It wasn’t until The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that The Nets were open to a James Harden trade that The team’s internal problems were officially on The table.According to Shams, harden recently frequent injuries, he also because of a hamstring injury against the jazz missed the team, the nets of high-level been concerned about the health problems of harden, and think he long time control of the ball game and Michael Owen and durant didn’t build, this let the nets produced the idea of trading off harden, they began to want to continue to built around Owen and Kevin durant,Going for the championship.It has to be said that the brain circuitry of the Nets’ top brass is indeed remarkable, and the fact that harden suffered hamstring injuries and other injuries during his eight years as the rockets’ iron man is probably forgotten by the nets’ front office.But it looks like they’re starting to think about letting harden go, which is kind of a relief for Harden, because he doesn’t have to settle for the kyrie vaccine like Durant did, just play.Harden it’s career was first home teams on the shelf, after leaving the thunder because managers are reluctant to offer high salary, and the rockets management is reluctant to go running, the departure of the latter is simply because their own place, this time, the nets management touch harden bottom line, who even Sir Not appear in the team and the side of the game.Running a series of news caused the fans’ anger, Carey – Owen suffered many irony, a lot of fans say Michael Owen is “experts”, from the target of the coronal Cleveland cavaliers, mutilated to kill into the eastern conference finals of the Boston celtics to make trouble, dim, now the nets inside, in addition to harden,Many of the other role players were unhappy with Irving’s selfish behavior.But they don’t have much influence. Kevin Durant has defended his little brother, so no one else can say anything.The Nets are in the same boat, with Kyrie Irving being called an expert on the team and Russell Westbrook being labeled a coach killer.Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook traded Billy Donovan and fired Mike D ‘Antoni after just one year with the Rockets.Later is still a time of the season, after the Washington wizards played less, his mentor Scott Brooks management fired by the wizards, joining the lakers now have less than a season, frank vogel in a vulnerable position, if not lebron James and carmelo Anthony of the two river’s lake status significantly eldest brother kept vogel,Perhaps after the lakers’ disastrous loss to the Denver Nuggets, the lakers’ head coach is now David Fizdale, their top assistant coach.The presence of Westbrook has certainly put a lot of pressure on Vogel, who has tried out as many as 25 starting lineups for him and has been attacked by fans for snubbing Dwight Howard.However, compared with durant, James is a bit rich, harden over there if you really leave, then around durant is left with a like to make some moth Owen, at his age, 33, nowadays, in the future if you can’t win, no one will remember durant performance in eastern semifinals last year, will only know his outside the warriors team unable to prove himself.In addition to Westbrook, Anthony Davis has gradually found himself, which is the most valuable asset of the Lakers.