Harbin real estate “Spring Festival does not close” marketing list out!20 sales offices are open as normal

2022-05-07 0 By

Going home is the eternal theme of Spring Festival, and also the warmest emotional destination.No matter how long the struggle outside, home is the end of drifting.In recent years, returning home to buy property has become a hot topic during the Spring Festival.It has gradually become a trend to go home during the Spring Festival holiday and visit the sales offices with your family to make a home in your hometown for your family.According to incomplete statistics of LeJu Harbin, many real estate sales offices in Harbin will not close during the 2022 Spring Festival golden holiday in order to meet the demand of homebuyers to return home. If you visit during this period, you will not only get professional explanation of the real estate, but also prepare physical gifts and red envelopes for you!This Spring Festival, 20 sales offices including Baoyu Tianyi Longwan, Country Garden Huameitianyue, Greentown Yangliujun and Sunac Wenjing No.1 will be open for business during the Spring Festival. Poly Tianyue Ii and Poly Mingyue Time (Poly Time) will resume business on the second day.From the 4th day of the 4th day, huawai · Xuefu No. 10, Lu Shang · Yue Future, West Lake · Songjiang Yinyue, Zhonghai · Wanjin Residence will receive visitors normally. Details of some hot items are as follows: