The Actor from Two Cities in the Mirror is perfect!Put on a modern outfit. Some are cute and some are pushy CEOS

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The Chinese New Year holiday may make people happy, but the heart of watching TV dramas can make people suffer.Recently, “Mirror twin Cities” more and more see top, especially white after the drunk confession of two people’s small expression, really let a person see anxious.Director, if you arrange some such famous scene earlier Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi will not be ridiculed dumbstruck.Li Yifeng smile, heart melt, feel they really good match, right?As the story develops, important roles emerge one by one, only to discover that the actor in The Mirror is the perfect match!Put on a modern outfit, some cute, some bully CEO.Li, who made his debut in 1987 on the entertainment talent show Come On My Hero, has been dubbed the “national campus idol” by Internet users in mainland China for his handsome looks and always sunny smile.Although he entered the entertainment industry in 2007, he didn’t rise to the role of Baili Tu Su in the costume drama Ancient Sword in 2014.How popular was Legend of the Sword?The first episode received the highest audience rating of any TV series in China, and the online viewing volume exceeded 5 billion.Although Li Yifeng has been making his debut for many years, he has few scandals. He is 181cm tall and has a sweet and sweet smile. It seems that he works hard, but does not fight or fight, and is rarely calm.It feels like he’s the one who’s awake, and he can go a long way by taking it slow.Zheng Yecheng is known as the “cat is a little fresh meat” with handsome and handsome features.She gained a lot of attention for her role as the sunny and lovely beauty brother Hao Mei in the TV version of Smile Is Beautiful.Zheng then appeared in a number of period dramas, such as “Bad Man of Painting” and “Tremble, Abe!””Crane Frets”, “Three Thousand Crows killed”, “Beyond Human heart”.In fact, Zheng yecheng is more suitable for modern drama, sunny and handsome, and a little cute and lovely.Liu haikuan has a perfect figure of 187 cm, which can be compared with professional models.He is “Chen Qing ling” in the blue family master Blue Xizhen, “long song line” in the comfortable ranger Situlang Lang, “I am years you are stars” in the mysterious clothing designer Jiang Baiju.A modern outfit, no problem a bossy CEO.Four, Liu Chang never thought that the “jiuzhou · City in the sky” in the human prince Bai Tingjun, “Qin Beauty mingyue Heart” in the Wei ranger Jing Ke, after the beginning of the uncle line.At 189 cm, liu Chang, a model turned actor, has a cool and handsome appearance.”Mirror two Cities” male actor configuration is really tall, male actor minimum height 180 cm.Five, Han Chengyu played to repair han Chengyu is an old acquaintance.As huan rui’s own male, costume dramas “dragon legend” plays smart, martial arts high strength Ye Mosheng, “listen to snow floor plays if dare to love dare hate gad,” under the jinyi plays kindness of indigo xuan, “glass” liu huan, who played daughter like life the aloes, such as dust, he will also play the role of perot.Actually Han Chengyu acting is good, appearance is very handsome lang, but helpless and Liu Xueyi are same, always make match to the person, huan Rui is really a waste of male god.Born in 1994, Ye shengjia worked as a model for two years.Is there anyone like me who can’t wait for “The Mirror” to redo “Young Master and My Romance”?Ye Shengjia and Yang Zhiwen in “Mirror Two Cities” second cooperation, is still a small couple.Immediately shixi small ao Jiao will be born, looking forward to the next sugar moment.Seven, Shenqi Yuhuan and Fei Lian a high cold handsome, a small sprout new, no problem of good friends.Unexpectedly, Shen Qi is not only good at martial arts, sanda, but also good at equestrian.Do you remember Ben from The Academy of Fire?Tall and handsome, Stoic, cool little brother, all right?