When does the arable land of farmer oneself plant afforest seedling to sell what certificate formalities need?

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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region forestry bureau mailbox reply: farmer’s own cultivated land planting afforestation seedling sells when need what certificate formalities?Ask: when does the cultivated land of farmer oneself plant afforest seedling sell what certificate formalities need?Hello, you asked “do farmers need any certificates when planting green seedlings for sale?” After study, the reply is as follows:One, according to article 18 of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, forest tree seedlings ordinance “engaged in forest tree seedling production and operation shall be made in accordance with the production and business operation license”, “state forestry administration measures for the management of forest tree seed production license” (the state forestry administration makes no. 40) of article 6 of the “engaged in the management of forest tree seeds and the main forest tree seed production units and individuals shall be submitted to the people’s government at or above the county levelFor this reason, the management of green seedlings should apply for the production and operation license of forest grass seedlings to the local forestry administrative department.2. According to the Notice of The State And Forestry And Grassland Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Ministry of Natural Resources on Issues Related to Strict Control of Cultivated Land Use (Natural Resources Development (2021) No. 166)”It is forbidden to occupy permanent basic farmland for planting seedlings, turf and other plants used for greening and decoration, as well as other plants that destroy the tillage layer.” “General farmland is mainly used for the production of grain, cotton, oil, sugar, vegetables and other agricultural products as well as forage grass and feed.On the premise of not destroying the cultivated land layer and not causing the change of cultivated land, other crops can be appropriately planted. Since forest seedlings are not crops, using cultivated land to cultivate green seedlings does not meet the requirements of the state’s strict control on the use of cultivated land.Suggestions: non-cultivated land should be used to carry out seedling production and operation activities, and timely apply for forest and grass seed production and operation license to the competent forestry authorities of the local people’s governments at or above the county level.