Create weifang model, enjoy the elegant demeanor of kite

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Three research base for primary and secondary school students research center grasp the guidance of education, follow the law of education, reflect the characteristics of The Times, strengthen the comprehensive implementation, adhere to local conditions, to lead the development of the research industry with standards, aiming to let every child in the ordinary road to achieve extraordinary themselves.Famous educator tao xingzhi proposed “life is education, society is school” education philosophy, three research base studies center in practice education, training, practice, incubation of learning, research and development, and other functions is given priority to, and a set of labor, exchange, expand, life, experience and so on many services for the integration of youth theme studies demonstration base,Integrate urban research culture, disciplinary literacy and other elements into the design of students’ research activities, implement the improvement of students’ life skills, disciplinary skills and other core qualities, enrich and build a new education model, and create the “Weifang model” that integrates practice, research, labor education and national defense education.Highlight the beautiful scenery of the motherland, the long history of the nation, the fine revolutionary tradition and the achievements of modernization, and bring research partners into the “poetry and the Distance”.In 2022, the Research Center of the Third Research Base will lead the development of the industry with standards, promote the benign interaction and deep integration between the research base and primary and secondary schools, and standardize and improve the research activities of primary and secondary schools.And make use of its own advantages, actively explore the subject teaching reform, become the regional model, flagship, incubator, hub overpass to promote comprehensive practice activities, not only let Weifang research partners go out, but also to attract research partners from all over the country to study in Weifang, enjoy the elegant style of Yuandu.