Don’t just use water to cook tangyuan for Chinese New Year. Try this recipe, which is golden and crispy, sweet and soft

2022-05-08 0 By

During the Spring Festival, people in the north eat dumplings the most, while people in the South eat tangyuan the most, representing the round and happy.Let’s buy the dumplings, mostly boiled, easy to make and very delicious, but I want to share with you today another way to make dumplings, out of the pot, golden and crisp, sweet and soft, much more delicious than boiled dumplings, especially children at home, especially love to eat.To deep-fry them: Prepare them in any shape and thaw them a few minutes in advance.Heat a wok with cold water, without waiting for the water to boil.When you see bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pot, put in the gnocchi, gently stir and cook until the gnocchi are cooked. Remove and set aside.Make two small bowls, one with a few eggs and beat until smooth, the other with a little breadcrumb.Roll the boiled dumplings in the egg mixture, then take them out and roll them in the breadcrumbs to coat them evenly.Pour a little more cooking oil into the wok, heat it up, then add the breadcrumb wrapped dumplings, fry them slowly over a low fire until golden brown, then remove the oil and serve.