Fangshan District fire rescue detachment during the Spring Festival cultural and sports activities were colorful

2022-05-08 0 By

Ugly ox farewell, Yin Tiger spring.On the occasion of celebrating the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, to create a rich festive atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of all the officers and soldiers, and build up collective efforts to create a positive, joyful and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival.Fangshan Fire rescue detachment Party committee planned in advance, carefully organized and planned a series of diverse forms, rich content, colorful cultural and sports activities.Good luck for the New Year put up lanterns and festoons to welcome the New Year tiger Welcome the New Year labor union send warm hose bowling tug-of-war fixed-point shooting musical chairs billiards tournament happy fight landlord protect our balloons slow bicycle cockfighting match pass water in paper cups watch a red movie with balloons on your head draw strength from our endeavorThe journey is long, only forward let us keep in mind the original mission, through all the difficulties, continue to struggle to create a more brilliant and beautiful fire rescue career tomorrow!I wish you all a happy year of the Tiger!Together with fangshan Fire rescue detachment to the future