Fishing poor for three years is a rumor?Fishermen in Liaoning make millions of dollars a year by fishing

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My wife say: “love fishing of you, already depraved, want to turn over difficult!”In fact, fishing is really a time – consuming hobby.Many angler friends jokingly, fishing poor three years, playing birds destroyed life!From this, we can see that “men who love fishing really lack some fighting spirit.”For their minds were not wholly fixed on the business.Is fishing really an expensive hobby?I don’t think so.In the past, my brother also thought that fishing was an unprofessional behavior, a very expensive hobby, and the beginning of a man who did not care about his family.But when one of my brother’s friends succeeded in his attack, my view of fishing changed completely.I found that fishing can also make a fortune, but also to achieve their dreams, but also to achieve the transformation of the ugly duckling into a swan.But his path doesn’t suit me. Maybe it suits you.So my brother will talk about his hair family history, but also in the confusion of the fishing friends can learn from.This friend of mine is one of the more extroverted people (in plain English, he has a big face).His family used to be so poor, they had trouble getting their kids to school.His family was poor for a reason, chiefly because he was lazy.His family earned more than ten thousand yuan a year from farming.Because farming was very quiet, he often went fishing, and he loved fishing very much.Then the rise of the live broadcasting industry, his spring came.In the beginning, he earned the first bucket of gold from live fishing by tipping viewers.He has accumulated more than 60,000 followers because his fishing broadcasts are relatively down-to-earth (pure wild fishing).Later, the big anchors began to sell goods live, he also learned that people live to sell goods, did not expect to really buy.In order to make money, he cooperated with a bait manufacturer in the south (a small workshop producing bait).In this way he began the road of live selling goods, but pure wild fishing is not guaranteed.So his business wasn’t doing well, so he came up with an idea.Can mongolians really make money?He dug a small fish pond in his backyard and decorated it with reeds.Then he bought hundreds of pounds of fish at the fish farm, and a fake wild fishing environment was born.To tell the truth, fish pond by him so a lane, the net friend in the studio simply do not see any clue.Since then, his studio has been more popular, because he can really catch fish!Anglers who watch live fishing broadcasts love the feeling of catching fish on a line.If you don’t catch a fish in half a day, no one will chat with you.So his bait orders began to increase, and within a year, he earned about 200,000 yuan.Then he started selling fishing rods and other fishing gear, and his business grew.And so was born a man who became a millionaire by fishing.I’m not going to believe anyone who says they’ve been fishing for three years.In fact, there are many people who make money by fishing.They turned their hobbies into jobs, and they are indeed superior talents.Although they said in the process of making money, with some means.But I’ve tried the bait they sell, and I can catch fish.The bulk bait they sell is a little different from the commercial bait we buy, but the price is much cheaper.They can catch fish, but not as well.The reason may be the difference in raw materials, after all, small workshops also need to make money, and anchors also need to make money.So it’s normal to use inferior materials.That’s enough. After all, we’re smart people.Summary.My brother believes that under the premise of not breaking the law, people who can turn their hobbies into work are worthy of our learning.Because they live a cool life, do something they love to do every day, but also earn money, why not?But cheating on the feelings of fans, we’d better not do it.Because you can’t do that for long.So brother advise you a sentence, do the most true to their own long.I am your monkey brother, follow me, take you to understand different fishing knowledge.