Hands open, feel helpless!Cristiano Ronaldo misses an empty net on his 37th birthday: I’m old

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On the evening of February 12, the 25th round of the Premier League match, Manchester United at home against Southampton.Six minutes into the game, United had a great opportunity up front and Cristiano Ronaldo unexpectedly failed to hit the ball when he was facing an open goal.But moments later, sancho scored to give the Reds a 1-0 lead.United fell out of the top four once again as they were held to a draw at bottom club Burnley in the last round.For United, after the last round of the game, the bigger issue was the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo without a curtain call.Because of the substitute, the last round of Ronaldo did not show many opportunities.Cristiano Ronaldo returns to the starting line-up alongside Sancho and marcus rashford.With a win against 10th-placed Southampton, United can take advantage of the multi-game advantage to move back into the top four and put pressure on the teams behind them.After the game began, United’s attacking desire was very strong, led by Cristiano Ronaldo’s attacking group to give the old Trafford fans a good night.In the sixth minute, United had a great single chance.On a counter attack, Sancho sent cristiano Ronaldo through and the Portuguese man’s shot was cleared by the defender after the goalkeeper faced a perfectly open net.Wasting such an opportunity, Ronaldo is also very remorseful, his hands spread out to express their own helplessness, such an opportunity if the player’s peak condition, is basically 100 shots.Undeniably, the current Ronaldo from his peak condition is indeed a gap.The Portuguese turned 37 after his birthday a few days ago.Such an age, if put on other players, can be said to be considered retirement time, but Ronaldo is still a major player in the five major leagues.But cristiano Ronaldo’s missed opportunity is also a reminder of his declining form.The pace of the Premier League can change so quickly that Ronaldo relies on his skill to get past goalkeepers, but when faced with an empty goal, he does not dare to push too hard, opting instead for a way of playing it safe.If Cristiano Ronaldo had hit the ball when the opportunity presented itself, the Red Devils might have taken an early lead.At his 37th birthday party, Ronaldo told friends for the first time that he thought he was getting old and feeling the weight of age, according to the Sun.Indeed, no matter how powerful the superstar is, he cannot avoid the aging of the body.Ronaldo in this aspect, in fact, has been far better than other players of the same age, but the reality tells him that many things are not an individual can change.Of course, there is no shortage of youngsters in football, and ronaldo is a threat even if he can’t help his team by scoring goals.Within 20 minutes sancho had opened the scoring for United and he was one of the youngsters they were counting on.