In 2021, northeast Chongqing’s GDP will be released: 11 districts and counties will reach 500 billion yuan, among which Wankai cloud will break 220 billion yuan

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Recently, the GDP data of chongqing districts and counties in 2021 has been officially released. Next, we will look at the economic growth of the districts and counties in the northeast Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir area townships.It is understood that the districts and counties of the northeast Chongqing Three Gorges Reservoir area townships mainly include wanzhou District, Kaizhou District, Liangping District, Yunyang County, Dianjiang County, Zhong County, Fengdu County, Fengjie County, Wushan County, Wusxi County, Chengkou County and other 11 districts and counties. In 2021, the gross regional product will reach nearly 500 billion yuan, reaching 489.515 billion yuan.This is an increase of 54.765 billion yuan over 2020.Regional counties: Wanzhou District broke through 100 billion yuan, reaching 108.794 billion yuan, ranking eighth in the city, first in northeast Chongqing, is the first district and county in northeast Chongqing to break 100 billion yuan.The GDP growth of Kaizhou District is also good, breaking the mark of 60 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 60.027 billion yuan, ranking second in northeast Chongqing.Liangping district, Yunyang County, And Dianjiang County have entered the 50 billion yuan mark, reaching 54.944 billion yuan, 52.813 billion yuan, and 50.258 billion yuan respectively, showing that the future development of the three districts and counties is full of vitality.There is also good economic growth of Zhong County, 2021 GDP is close to 50 billion yuan, reached 48.855 billion yuan, this year is expected to break the 50 billion yuan mark, and become the sixth northeast Chongqing with A GDP of 50 billion yuan.Fengdu county and Fengjie County both exceeded 37 billion yuan, reaching 37.544 billion yuan and 37.254 billion yuan respectively, and are expected to exceed 40 billion yuan this year.The GDP of Wushan County finally broke through 20 billion yuan mark, Wuxi County broke through 10 billion yuan mark for two consecutive years, and Chengkou County also broke through 6 billion yuan mark. These three counties are more than 400 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing, and there is little contact with the main city of Chongqing. It is not easy to achieve such a result.Among them, the ORIGINAL Wanzhou region (Wankai Yunliang Zhongfeng Wuwu City) in 2021 GDP broke through 400 billion yuan, reached 401.713 billion yuan, this data in accordance with the previous ranking of Sichuan province, must be the third, more than mianyang city’s 330 billion GDP.In addition, according to the GDP ranking of cities across the country, the former Wanzhou area is also equivalent to the size of Zunyi city.As the core area of northeast Chongqing, WANkai Yun’s GDP in 2021 also broke through 220 billion yuan, reaching 221.634 billion yuan, with an increment of nearly 25 billion yuan, accounting for 45.28% of northeast Chongqing, 0.32 percentage points less than the previous year.However, this year is the key node to promote the development of Wankai Cloud city, its GDP is expected to increase the proportion of northeast Chongqing, further consolidate the core position of northeast Chongqing.