Sensor Tower: The Original God won the top spot in overseas Mobile game revenue, and Tencent’s PUBG Mobile retained the top spot in downloads

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 15, Sensor Tower released the “TOP30 mobile game revenue in China in January 2022” and “TOP30 mobile game downloads in China in January 2022″.According to the latest data from Sensor Tower store intelligence platform, the overseas revenue of Protogod mobile app increased by 51% month-on-month, far outpacing candy Crush and Roblox to become the highest grossing mobile game overseas.Chinese mobile games are doing well around the world, with domestic games such as Honour of Kings and The Original God continuing to make money.In January, 34 Chinese companies were listed among the TOP100 mobile game publishers by revenue, raking in $2.26 billion, accounting for nearly 39 percent of the TOP100 mobile game publishers’ revenue, according to data from intelligence platform.Meanwhile, Honor of Kings returned to the top of China’s top grossing iOS mobile game charts with a 92 percent month-on-month increase in revenue, while Tencent Holdings’ game revenue rose 22 percent month-on-month.In 2021, Protogod grossed $1.8 billion on the Overseas App Store and Google Play, raking in $230 million in September 2021, breaking the previous monthly revenue record for a mobile game abroad set in October 2020.In addition, IGG kingdom Era revenue has maintained steady growth over the past six years, with overseas revenue increasing 56% in 2021 compared to 2020.In terms of downloads, Tencent’s PUBG Mobile retained the top spot with more than 13 million downloads.Adaric Music’s ‘Piano Fire’ rose 15.8% month-on-month to 12 million downloads, keeping it at No. 2.It is worth noting that behind the excellent overseas performance of Chinese games is the recognition of Chinese culture by overseas players.Domestic games contain Chinese traditional culture, the essence of domestic games to go to sea is Chinese culture to go to sea.With the deepening of the process of Chinese mobile game manufacturers going abroad, Chinese traditional culture is also accelerating the spread in overseas markets. Chinese culture is more and more recognized overseas, and Chinese people are more and more confident about their own culture.Miha You’s Original God and King of Glory use many Chinese elements to highlight the aesthetics of traditional Chinese culture in background music, geography, art, politics and other fields.In addition, during the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, domestic games have launched a series of activities for the 2022 Spring Festival. The strong festive atmosphere makes overseas Chinese feel more intimate.On the basis of western orchestral music, liyue music album in the background music of The Original God incorporates traditional Chinese Musical Instruments such as dizi, erhu, guzheng and pipa.”Huaguang Forest”, “Dihuazhou”, “Lvhuachi” and other landscape scenes in The Original God are very similar to the topography of “Zhangjiajie”, “Guilin landscape” and “Jiuzhaigou” in China.In addition, King of Glory includes 36 skins of Chinese cultural elements and 8 heroes of Chinese cultural elements, and incorporates many traditional Chinese cultural elements, such as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and traditional costume culture.