Shenzhen Jixiang Trade Zone trade Union to carry out new forms of employment workers Spring Festival survey activities

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2022-02-14 Source: Shenzhen Longgang Longcheng Trade Union correspondent: Yang Shiyong “Happy New Year!Have you gone to work? Have you been busy lately?””Happy New Year, I’m always at work!”This is a dialogue between Liao Qing, a takeout worker at Meituan Transfer and Distribution Station of Jixiang Station, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, and the staff of the Federation of Trade Unions of Jixiang Trade Park. It is also a scene of the Investigation activities of the Trade union of the Park during the Spring Festival.In order to provide better care and services for workers with new forms of employment, the staff of Jixiang Business Park, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, “never relax during the holiday”, carried out a survey on the situation of workers with new forms of employment during the Spring Festival of 2022.Activities mainly through telephone, wechat letters and interviews and other simple questionnaire survey, focusing on the work and life of couriers, delivery workers during the Spring Festival to understand and master their actual needs and opinions and suggestions.Through contact and interview with more than 10 sites and more than 30 couriers and takeout workers, the survey learned that 90% of the sites during the Spring Festival have a Spring Festival holiday ranging from 3 to 7 days, so that urban riders who have worked hard for a year can reunite with their families and spend the Spring Festival together.A small number of sites that do not have a holiday also voluntarily for the principle, arrange part of the staff to go to work.”No matter put holiday, the site is arranged personnel on duty in turn, in order to ensure the Spring Festival express, takeout services, but also can take care of some economic pressure colleagues, let them earn more money, the Spring Festival wages are usually four times.”Shenzhen shibei siu-tong liuzhou station, said, “before the Spring Festival holiday, we arranged a family reunion dinner, dinner, issued a red envelope and Chinese New Year gifts, for these cities the rider, the site is their second home, we also put their family, relatives, together to eat dinner together in the site first, and then go home and family reunion.”It is reported that about 40% of them returned to their hometowns, and most of them stayed in Shenzhen, mainly because of the impact of the epidemic on the one hand, on the other hand, their families went south to Shenzhen for the Spring Festival, and they wanted to make more money during the Spring Festival.The earliest start of the New Year is February 4, the latest is February 7, “the spring is early, we start spring this day, on the one hand, because the New Year business is relatively good, on the other hand, but also want to be in the forefront, work in advance.”A person in charge of the Shenzhen Jixiang Branch of Jiangsu New Channel said, “The situation is quite good this year. 90 percent of the employees came back when we started work, and all of them got a bonus.”The head of the post office of The Longcheng Business Department said that they are particularly strict about the epidemic prevention work, and the couriers strictly implement the epidemic prevention requirements such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, not crowding together, and nucleic acid testing for three days and two days.Masks, rubber gloves, disinfectant, protective clothing, goggles and other epidemic prevention materials were issued, venues, mail trucks and imported mail were disinfected in a timely manner, entry express mail processing areas and disinfection areas were set up for international imported mail, and foreigners were tested and tested to show Yuekang code.Jiangxi Miao Bar Jixiang Station, SF Longcheng sub-station, Ailian Zhongtong and other sites also said that daily meal box disinfection, hand disinfection, online temperature measurement and other sites have been implemented in place.”Referral fees are now available for referrals;The site will also increase investment in employee welfare, cultural activities and other aspects, so that couriers and takeout workers can enjoy certain services while serving others, and feel more family care and warmth.”When it comes to this year’s plan, everyone is full of confidence and expectations.(Editing by Deng Peiying)