With a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, shengjin Tower historical and cultural block upgrading (urban renewal) was officially put on record

2022-05-08 0 By

Recently, the online approval and supervision platform for investment projects in Jiangxi Province published the record information of the upgrade of the Shengjin Tower historical and cultural Block (urban renewal), the project north to shengjin Tower, south to hongcheng Road along the street section.The project is numbered as 2202-360103-04-01-272394, with a total investment of 1.2 million yuan. The construction unit is Jiangxi Shengjin Tower Comprehensive Development Co., LTD., with an estimated start date of 2022 and completion date of 2023.The project covers a total land area of 82354.81 square meters, about 123.5 mu, and a total development and construction area of 100660.86 square meters, including 58248.91 square meters above ground, 12211.46 square meters for facade transformation, and 30200.49 square meters for underground construction.Park square and green transformation of 8721.6 square meters, parking lot transformation of 11951.91 square meters, volume ratio of 1.22, building density of 34.8%, green rate of 10%, 567 parking Spaces for motor vehicles, including 19 above-ground parking Spaces, 548 underground parking Spaces, 1546 non-motor vehicle parking Spaces.