3.67 million yuan!236500 zhang!Taiyuan fourth round of consumer vouchers tomorrow

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On February 19, Taiyuan ushered in the fourth round of “Jinqing consumption · Happy life” consumption vouchers, which issued 236,500 vouchers worth 3.67 million yuan.Taiyuan permanent residents, working, studying and sightseeing tourists, please enter the “Cloud flash payment” APP to grab tickets at 10 o ‘clock tomorrow morning.The last round of coupons were sold out within an hour of the launch.To be specific, the most popular home appliance coupons with a reduction of 300 yuan over 2000 yuan were robbed in 8 seconds.Secondly, retail universal coupon with a price of 180 yuan less than 40 yuan, online universal coupon with a price of 180 yuan less than 40 yuan, and catering and accommodation coupon with a price of 200 yuan less than 50 yuan were robbed in 21 seconds, 37 seconds and 43 seconds respectively.The online general coupon of 30 yuan less than 6 yuan, home appliance coupon of 500 yuan less than 80 yuan, were snapped up in 1 minute and 54 seconds, 12 minutes and 3 seconds respectively.The retail universal certificate, which took six dollars less than 30 dollars, was snapped up in 56 minutes and seven seconds.In this fourth round of release, 195,000 universal retail coupons, 2.02 million yuan, including 25,000, 1 million yuan, 180 yuan less 40 yuan consumer coupons;170,000 vouchers worth 1.02 million yuan, less 6 yuan over 30 yuan.There are 3,000 home appliance coupons, 900,000 yuan worth of which is 300 yuan less than 2,000 yuan.There are 6,000 food and lodging vouchers with 300 thousand yuan worth 50 yuan less than 200 yuan.Online universal coupons involve 32,500 pieces and 450,000 yuan, including 7,500 pieces and 300,000 yuan of consumer coupons of 180 yuan less than 40 yuan.25,000 coupons with a price of 150,000 yuan less than 6 yuan over 30 yuan.Up to now, Taiyuan city “Jin Qing consumption · Yue enjoy life” consumption coupons have been put into three rounds, after the first two rounds of consumption coupons, more than 50%, 60% were used, respectively, driving consumption 21.6974 million yuan, 18.7973 million yuan;The third round is still in use, please use it as soon as possible before the evening of 18th.Each round of coupons is valid for 7 days, please grab the fourth round of coupons before the evening of February 25.Source: Taiyuan Evening News ·FM107 Car association ·