How did wechat transfer become an “accomplice”?

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Koi at the door?Su received a message from a stranger on wechat, saying that she could “possess koi carp” and earn money by tapping her phone every day.So easy it is to let a little su good money nature, so their story began… Little su by friends, “brocade carp great god” began to show her work tasks, only need little su to provide credit card, WeChat gathering qr code, pay treasure payment qr code, and help the payment to the designated account of the remittance again, can give little su a commission of 2%.At the beginning, Xiao Su also had doubts, will not be telecom fraud, but think about their micro letter, pay treasure, bank card balance together also did not have a few dollars, nature also did not have what can be cheated.As a pen transfer to the door, his balance in the commission gradually grow day by day, xiao Su is doing handy…During the 10 months, Xiao Su also doubted whether there would be a problem with the source of these transfers, but he thought that he was a money transfer, and the others did not have much to do with himself, so he would not find himself if there was a problem.In this way, Xiao Su provided 7 bank cards under his name to the other party for use, collecting a total of more than 2 million yuan from the other party, transferring the money received into the account provided by the other party, and withdrawing a commission of more than 30,000 yuan.During this period, the bank card has been frozen many times due to suspected crimes, and Su has successively opened new bank cards to provide the “Koi God” transfer service.As a result, they did not wait for the rich to come “koi possession”, but waiting for the police “limited edition silver bracelet”.After the case of the xinjiang BoZhou people’s procuratorate prosecuted, little su for committing crimes by information network, and knowing that others are still help for their crimes, their criminal behavior involve large sums of money involved, the number, make crime of criminal activities help information network, a few days ago, little su was in accordance with the law by the court sentenced to prison for six months of the year, 10000 yuan fine.Prosecutors say that with the rapid development of Internet technology, people’s lives are inseparable from the Internet.While this brings great convenience to the people’s life, it also provides opportunities for criminals.Telecom network fraud brought huge profits, so that more criminals take risks, means to use all its extreme.Help information network crime crime cases also gradually increase, mobile phone cards, credit cards become the necessary tools for the implementation of telecom network fraud, involving “two cards” black gray industry for telecom fraud to fuel the fire, has become a telecom fraud repeatedly play the “accomplice”.In order to effectively curb network crimes and ensure network security, The Criminal Law Amendment (IX) added the crime of helping information network crimes, which made the helping behavior, which originally belonged to joint crimes, an independent crime, responding to the actual demand of the rule of law.The law of the People’s Republic of China criminal law “the two hundred and eighty-seventh regulation, knowing that others committing a crime, the use of information network to provide Internet access for their crime, server hosting, network storage, communication transmission, such as technical support, or provide advertising promotion, payment and settlement, such as help, if the circumstances are serious shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and concurrently or independently be sentenced to a fine.Prosecutors remind: unfamiliar information to distinguish, heaven will not fall pie.Never grow rich by hard work.Source: Rule of Law Daily