Lantern Festival: Huanggang border police reunited with family

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Wen, figure/Yang cheng evening news media reporters Zhang Luyao correspondent Dr Huang tsun-sheng Xu laurel on February 15, during the Lantern Festival, family reunion, and stationed at lok ma chau on entry-exit frontier inspection station of shenzhen dahuang police checkpoints resettlement management, only by the thick affection, you feel “reunion” cloud expression to loved ones with lots of care,Bless each other, each other miss.Lee Young-yu, a police chief, said, WHEN I look up at the moon, I want to fly to my relatives by the moon.However, the deep homesickness will eventually give way to the responsibility on the shoulders.A family is not a circle, for the stability of the country and the prosperity of the motherland, we must stick to it day and night.On this holiday season send acacia and moon, bless loved ones dream round!”Yunna, a team leader and fourth-grade senior police chief, said: “Dear father, I promised you to go back for the Spring Festival three years in a row, but because of the epidemic and the responsibility on my shoulders, my daughter has stood up.Lantern Festival means happy reunion, this year yuanxiao is doomed to reunion, thank you for my understanding and support.From afar, my daughter wishes you good health and everything goes well!”Gao Daoming, the third grade police chief, said: “Dear mom and dad, happy New Year!Unconsciously this year has been my eighth year of work.When I was a child, the Lantern Festival was spent with you eating glutinous rice balls and hanging out at lantern festivals. When I grew up, it became a wonderful time for us to greet each other on the phone.Although I can’t go back to my hometown in Shandong to reunite with you, when I see people all over the country enjoying the joy of the festival on TV, I understand more clearly that it is the responsibility and mission of the immigration police to protect the safety of all families. I believe you can also understand my son.I wish you good health, happy, yuanxiao joy!”Zheng Haiyan, a fourth-grade police chief, said: “Love is separated by mountains and seas.There are boats to cross the sea, and roads to the mountains.This love over mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be flat.With a hidden blue, on top of the badge.He who hides his love in his heart defends his country and his people.Seven years has already passed, willing to help each other.I haven’t seen her for a long time. I hope she can be reunited soon.”Tan Diquan, a fourth-grade senior police chief, said: “They say reunion is the most beautiful thing in the world.At the end of last year, he returned to his hometown on vacation to accompany his 106-year-old mother.In early December, mother began to ask me, the New Year home?I knew what she was expecting, but all I could say was, ‘I’ll be back in a while!Tonight the night seems longer, but thinking of the distant home also look forward to this, the moonlight tonight warm to the bottom of my heart.I wish my mother happiness, health and laughter!”Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | wang nan