Recommend an ancient words boutique “East Palace Hide jiao”, the plot is wonderful story novel, has ended

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Hello, everyone, I am qin Sihua, flower sister today to push books for you.Most of the time feel that life is full of all kinds of regret, what medicine, but there is no medicine for regret.That’s why there are so many rebirth novels, trying to go back and change the future.Today flower elder sister recommends for everybody, also be such a book.The plot is very interesting and the characters are very novel. I recommend it to you.The story probably: At first, the heroine Ji Tang was trying to turn her fate around in her previous life, but her father messed it up.Later, Chi Tang wants to find out the cause of death of his preexistence only, find out enemy, be screwed up by next door eldest brother.Brief comments: the book’s female blessing is quite good, not only to her infinite love and tolerance of the father, even her lover is also so.So, one of the great things about this book is that.Male and female main and female father’s person set.The heroine is pure and kind, delicate and lovely.And the male hero is high cold belly black, inner gentle.Japanese father, kyauk such as Yushu, is a standard daughter slave.The other big thing about this book is that there’s very little fighting, or machiavelling, or revenge, and the whole thing is sweet and beautiful.Is a past life was wrong, but this life is surrounded by love little girl, efforts to grow up the story.The family affection, friendship and love in the book are very beautiful and pure.Her father doted on her, doting more than ever, the male hero to her heart and soul.In this way, compared with the dreariness of the previous life, people feel heavy and solemn, and more yearning in their hearts.Another, recently I am chasing the update of the novel, from platinum god embarrassed demon works “The rest of my life with you, sweet and warm”.Currently, the book has 1.71 million words, more than 50,000 collections, and 410,000 legitimate fans have subscribed to it.(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view) Story about: this is a sweet pet text.It’s a story about a man and a woman who occasionally change their minds, get to know each other through soul transformation, and eventually love each other and hold hands.The writing is fluent, the conception is novel, is fascinating.