Roewe RX8 down payment 6888 yuan package license package tax package insurance

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Buy Roewe to Hengtong, one-stop service intimate, worry!: four-drive Roewe RX8 fully equipped with 2 differential lock free drive heart enjoy: cash discount 20,000 yuan: 6888 yuan down payment package card package tax package insurance: to enjoy 10000 yuan replacement subsidy gift: online reservation to the store, enjoy the best car price extra exclusive exquisite gift (limited network reservation to the store) : 400-140-1993:Nanyang City Beijing Avenue and Zhangheng Road intersection road west, Hengtong Roewe 4S shop: you can take no. 8, 10 bus to Zhangheng Road station off, the shop provides free shuttle service (urban);Take a taxi at one’s own expenses to the store to buy a car reimburse round-trip expenses!We sincerely invite you and your family to come for a test drive!(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)